Saturday , September 30 2023

Man Jailed For Inserting Knife Into Wife’s Privates As Punishment

A court in Malawi has sent a man to jail for inserting a sharp knife into his wife’s privates as punishment for wronging him.

The second grade court in Mchinji, convicted the 40-year-old man after he was arrested for committing the offence with the intention of causing grievous harm.

Mchinji Police Public Relations Officer, Kaitano Lubrino, said the man used the sharp knife to cause deep cuts on his wife’s body, including her privates, as a form of punishment.

The woman was rushed to hospital where she received stitches that saved her life.

While pronouncing judgement on the man, the Second Grade Magistrate Governor, Chiyipanthenga, condemned the incident as a brutal act of gender based violence, adding that it could have lead to the woman’s death.

The magistrate then sentenced the man to three years imprisonment.

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