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Man Finds 5-Foot Snake Hiding Inside Brand-New Sofa

man finds snake in new sofa

You might have to wait a little before throwing yourself on a new sofa you bought for your comfort. You may never know what is hiding inside as this man found in what looks like a nightmare.

A man in Clearwater, Florida in the USA has received severe shock after seeing a big snake hiding inside a sofa he just purchased. He called the police immediately he made the shocking discovery.

Clearwater Police Department has shared the news on social media platforms after they found a boa constrictor, also known as a red-tailed boa, inside the couch.

Sharing photos of the snake with the police officers, the social media post read, “Snakes alive. Here’s a call you don’t see every day. A resident at Marilyn Pines called this afternoon because he’s got a snake in his condo and it’s hiding in his couch.”

According to the post, officers had to carry the couch outdoors in order to find the hidden reptile in it. After locating it, the officers carefully extracted it from the sofa. The post added, “It was easily 5-feet-long and was taken to a local pet store after being plucked from the couch.”

According to the post, the sofa was newly bought. “The man just got the couch the other day,” it read, “and he thinks the snake was hiding in the couch when it came to his house.”

Social media users have commended the police for their rescue operation. “Way to go, CPD,” wrote one user. Another called it a “brave” act. People also noticed the presence of female officers in the rescue team and applauded their efforts.

While the police called it a python, a user corrected them and wrote, “That is a red-tailed boa, a snake very commonly kept as a pet. It is not a python.”



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