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Man Chased And Bitten By Alligator Whilst Swimming In Brazilian Lake (Video)

He was lucky to escape with his life in tact but the experience was truly a nightmare.

A man has been bitten by an alligator as he was swimming in a lake in Brazil.

A viral video shows the moment that the animal attacked the man as he struggled to swim out of the river.

This footage was taken in the Lago da Amor in Campo Grande, which is popular with tourists.

It was taken by Willyan Caetano, who managed to capture the shocking moment that the alligator lunged for the man as he entered the waters at around 4:40pm on October 23.

The man reportedly ignored a number of warnings before getting in for a swim, and got about 30 metres out into the lake when the hulking alligator started coming across, increasing in speed.

He turned and made out for the shore once again, but the alligator was in a habitat that it was more suited to, and easily came up to him.

Then, there was quite a significant thrashing around in the water as the ‘gator tried to bite him to pieces but the man was lucky to escape.

The alligator did get a bit of him though, and he could be seen coming out of the lake with a bit of blood on him, as well as an incredibly surprised look on his face.

As the man filming explained: “Suddenly, to my surprise, an alligator starts chasing him.

“He tried to swim fast to get away, but the alligator managed to reach him and land a violent bite on the man’s arm, who came out of the water with his arm all bloody and very scared, saying he didn’t know there was an alligator.”

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Another witness, who runs a sugar cane juice stand next to the lake, said that usually people don’t go into the water, and he’s the first she’s seen enter the lake in five years.

He told local media outlet Campo Grande News: “Sometimes, children go there, but then we tell them that there is an alligator and that it’s dirty and they come back.”

According to more reports from local media, emergency services were called, but the man had suffered only minor injuries.


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