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Man Accuses DeeperLife Church of Ejecting His Niece from their Premises Because She Attends RCCG

A man identified as Kenny Bradmuse has alleged on Facebook that his niece who is a student of Yaba College of Technology (Yabatech), was ejected from Deeper Life church premises, because she doesn’t worship with them, but with the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).

According to him, what led to this was that Yabatech is currently renovating their hostels and students have been looking for temporary places to stay.

Here’s Kenny Bradmuse’s story;

“Last week, my niece was ejected from Deeper Life church premises because she’s not a member of the church. Now she sleeps in an open classroom. (Backstory: Yabatech, her new college, is renovating their hostels, and all new students are enjoined to look for a temporary place to stay.

She’s only 16 for crying out loud, and first time out of home.) As a born again christian, she thought she found a refuge in a church. Unfortunately, the church says because she wears earrings and goes to the Redeemed, another church denomination, she is not eligible to stay.

As a brilliant yet economically disadvantaged student, her parents – who devote their entire lives to serve the Redeemed church – can never afford her a spot at the Redeemed church college. We can’t say this enough: Nigerian brand of Christianity is a form of psychosis. (A severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.) #MentalSlavery of the Black Race is concerning”.


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  1. Agbasimelo sharon

    I strongly believe Christianity means oneness,why do we tend to discriminate.They really went too far and such act should be discouraged.. I really think what our Heavenly Father really wants all Churches to do be it Catholic,Anglican or even redeemed church is to preach the gospel to the world so that at the end we all would see the kingdom of God..They should also know that God doesn’t look at tribe, colour or religion he just wants our soul.They should really emulate God in his actions..

  2. Anthony Ekeruche

    If that’s true, then it’s very bad. There must be freedom of worship.

  3. A church is a place were the weak go to get rest be it a Christian or not it is wrong for any body to drive any body from the house of God

  4. that is why islams are taking over. one thing is 2 b a christian another is 2 b christ like. may God help us

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