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Make-up! 6 tips to choose the best lipstick for different skin tones

Making-up before leaving your house is beyond applying lipsticks and such other special effects. It requires extra care and expertise to know how to apply make-up to adapt to your skin. This is why expert views on such issues are very essential. Lipsticks are an essential part of facial make-up and they come in a variety of colours and shades. Here are six powerful tips to choosing the best lipstick for different skin tones.

* Fair skin tone: Women with a fair skin tone can pull off any shade. Lighter shades of peach, pink or nudes go well during the day. You can opt for shades of coral, peach, orange, pink and fuchsia in lighter colours. Bold red, cherry red, berry and plum tones work well for evenings. There are a variety of nudes available, be it salmon nudes, rosewood or nude lipsticks with pink undertones.

* Medium skin tone: Medium skin toned women can carry off a multitude of colours confidently. You can pick shades of berry red, rust, brick red, maroon or burgundy for evenings while orange, mauves, pinks, lilac and cinnamon work their magic during the day. Further, bronze tones in creamy as well as matte finish look stunning on wheatish skin tones. For a natural look, opt for deep nudes or natural browns.

* Dark skin tone: Dark skin is gorgeous and can be enhanced with a lip colour that complements it. Shades with yellow undertone work well for darker skin tones. Pink, crimson red, brown and berry shades, shades of copper, walnut, bronze and honey, oxblood, maroons, and rose tones look great on these skin tones. For nudes, one can opt for gingerbread nudes, nudes with a brown tint or a rosy brown nude shade.

* Ruby red: Celebrities have claimed their loyalty to the Ruby Red shade. This remains one of the most iconic shades in every makeup collection. A super matte finish coupled with a magical red that suits almost every Indian skin tone, this shade is a must-buy.

* Bright tomato red: Try a liquid lipstick to make your lips pop with rich pigments. A single swipe of tomato red tone shade and you’re spared frequent reapplications. This lipstick stands out as best for fair to wheatish skin tones.

* Wild Berry: If you are wondering about the trick to achieving fuller lips, get your hands on a rich berry shade. Deep tones like Wild Berry give your lips a flawless, sculpted look. This one works like magic on wheatish to dusky complexions.

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