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MAGIC: See the Necklace that Lure Men to me after being rejected for so many years – Lady Announces

I was fed up with men rejecting me, so I bought a £2’magic’ necklace, and suddenly everyone wants to ask me out… I’m not the only one that thinks this way.

Let’s face it: every single person hopes they could just wave a wand and find a companion.

While it may not be possible, TikTok users believe that a “magic” necklace is the next best thing – and it’ll just set you back £2.

After hundreds of TikTok users reported that it lured males into their life, women are hurrying to get their hands on carnelian jewelry.

Carnelian is a semi-precious stone that has traditionally been used to improve passion, love, and desire. It is thought to symbolize bold vitality, warmth, and joy.

While carnelian is classified as a crystal, it is quite inexpensive, with pendants starting at £2 on Etsy, and it is also available in bracelet, brooch, and ring forms.

However, if you want to get your hands on some, you’ll have to act quickly because they’ve become quite popular as a result of their positive TikTok ratings.

In love, you’ve had bad luck Makyla purchased a £4 carnelian bracelet and claimed that her love life improved almost instantly.

Makyla said in a video about her bracelet, “When you go from being rejected by everyone to facetiming three guys a day.”

She wasn’t the only one who claimed to be helped by the crystal.

“I bought this yesterday,” commented user Giovanna, who purchased a pendant.

“On the first day of having this, a guy I hadn’t spoken to in a long time asked me out on a date.” It was a lot of fun.

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“I can tell he caught feelings pretty hard. He couldn’t stop complimenting me and hugging me, despite the fact that he claims he’s not the kind to do so.

“After that, we hooked up, and it was fantastic. I didn’t even put it on today; I literally simply woke up next to it and a different person phones me and starts talking to me.” Ccrybabypisces was another woman touting the benefits of the crystal, telling her followers that she had pulled five guys in a week since wearing her pendant.

After adding the gem to her collection, a skeptic Frankieminnock received compliments from complete strangers and was taken out on many dates.

And the same day she bought her bracelet, two men gave her their phone numbers at work, and the next day she was asked out.

Crystal & Craft, a crystal aficionado, is unsurprised by what TikTok users are claiming to have experienced.

“(This) is exactly what it’s meant to do,” she explains on TikTok.

“It’s all about life, daring, confidence, and sexuality in these beauties”.

“They’re not only amazing for magnifying your energy and attracting others, but they’re also great at drawing others.


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