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Look at o! Best students receive fully grown fowls as prizes in Ghana

Pupils of Wiamoase Government School, located in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, were given fully grown fowls as prizes during the schools Speech and Prize Day. This development which has since gone viral angered so many Ghanaians who expressed their disgust on social media. The Ghanaians are of the opinion that giving the children educational materials is more honourable than live fowls.

The photo of the school children has since gone viral.

Pulseng reports that the idea of school authorities to award some of its students with a fully grown fowl each at a Speech and Prize Day has got many Ghanaians ranting on social media.

The photo of the school children, who are believed to be from the Wiamoase Government School, located in the Ashanti Region, has since gone viral.

The pupils, numbering about six, are seen in a group photo as they happily pose for the cameras with each of them holding their fowl.

Many Ghanaians on social media have subsequently called for the heads of the school authorities, describing the prize given to the students as ridiculous.

For others, the school might have been compelled to give out such prizes as educational materials for such deprived schools are usually not forthcoming.

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  1. Agbasimelo sharon

    The school gave what they thought was the best prize for those that really performed well…But shouldn’t they be given something like a textbook,schoolbag or at worst exercise book and eraser.. I don’t really get the whole fowl stuff… Next time they should just give them an item which can serve as a remembrance to them when it comes to educational purpose.. I think a textbook or a Novel would do…

    • Good talk. Educational materials should be better. I was afraid you would suggest that next time they should put garri in water, add small sugar and give to the best students since the school likes being odd.

  2. This one weak me biko…fowl imagine

  3. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    It should be goat next time… I understand why they did it sha.. Can you imagine

  4. government school hmmmmm

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