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Living Dead! Corpse of Ghana Food Vendor Made to Pound Yam while Lying in State

Corpse of the food vendour pounding yam

This happened in live Ghana and the picture has gone viral in the social media. A very popular food vendour that died recently was made to prepare her last meal even as a dead person. To give her the last respect in her profession, her corpse was positioned with various supports to show her corpse pounding yam. So instead of seeing her lying in state in a coffin, the corpse is actually pounding yam in front of the coffin.

What do you think about this concept? Do you think it could become fashionable in burials across the wold?


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  2. It will be fashionable for those who has a good means of lively hood when they were alive. Not for the lazy ones.

  3. chisom Janefrances

    Hmmmm…. what kind of fashionable wil it becomes if a corpse of a dead person shown doing one or two things….
    Abeg oooo it won’t be acceptable infact it is automatic abornaml in the eyes of people….

  4. Please the dead should be buried and not used for any form of display all in the name of showing the last respect.This is not Worth emulating at all.

  5. Mordi Antoinette

    The concept isn’t good at all,it’s scary.Corpses shuouldnt be displayed like that.

  6. Ibeh Ifunanya Cynthia

    Group 13
    ‘Pounding in State’
    Its a funny way of giving last respect…..
    Wonder how they made the corpse stay….

  7. This ungodly way is seriously bad,the dead one should buried well not to found the corpse pounding yam in front of the coffin
    Group 1

  8. fashionable indeed! it will not be fashionable

  9. pls the dead is gone and should be treated as such…..This is absurd…
    Group 3

  10. That can’t be fashionable in any.Allow the dead woman to rest.Will she cook forever
    Group 1

  11. That can’t be fashionable in any.Allow the dead woman to rest.Will she cook forever?
    Group 1

  12. The dead should be buried in peace and not the other way round
    GROUP 11

  13. Ezeakudo mirabel

    I don’t think its fashionable,i think its.scary
    They won’t allow a dead person to rest…..
    Ezeakudo mirabel
    Group 13

  14. Ataka Fortunatus Tobenna

    Its a funny way of giving last respect…..
    Wonder how they made the corpse stay…
    Group 15

  15. incredible, this isn’t a good one at all

  16. Jesus Jesu
    They don’t want her to rest in peace
    See punishment!
    She won Dey cook for them on the otherside?

    Group 1

  17. It’s honoring her legacy
    I wonder what would be at a prostitute’s wake though..

    Group 14

  18. ha!!! Don’t they have nightmares after seeing such na wah o
    Anyway na dem Sabi, at least not boring.

    Group 7.

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