Monday , October 2 2023

Liverpool reach semi-final as Man City’s Champions League dreams go up in smoke

Liverpool have reached the Semi final of the UEFA Champions League for the first time in 20 years by beating Manchester City 5-2 in total aggregate. They had beaten the English Champions last night at Etihad 2-1. If you missed the match,  here is a description of the details by The Telegraph.

How Liverpool beat Man City  

The thunderstorm came just as Jurgen Klopp had predicted, a torrent of pressure from Manchester City that must have felt overwhelming at times, but when it was all over there was the proverbial golden sky of Anfield lore, and for the third time this season, Liverpool had done it.

That is to say they had beaten the team once considered unbeatable to claim a place in the Champions League semi-finals, having first kept their heads while Pep Guardiola’s team unleashed hell upon them for the first 45 minutes.

City played every moment of that first half as if it was the last minute of the last game of football of their lives and somehow, with heroic defending, and a little fortune, Liverpool were still in a position to win the game, and the tie after the break.

When did the weather change? It might have been when Guardiola was sent off at half-time for telling the Spanish referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz that he had been wrong about the decision to disallow what would have been City’s second goal on the night, from Leroy Sane.

Guardiola was right in that respect, it should have stood, but perhaps wrong to challenge a Spanish referee whom he knows brooks no dissent. Sent to the stand in the second half, City had lost their forceful touchline presence, although that was only part of the reason they faltered.

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