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List Of Radio Stations In Kaduna State and Their Frequencies

Kaduna Sate competes with Kano State as the capital of broadcasting in the Northern region of Nigeria. Radio and Television business in Kaduna State is not just competitive but also captivating. Here is a complete list of radio stations in Kaduna State.
88.9 – Brila FM

89.9 – Kada 2 FM, Kaduna (KSMC)

89.9 – Rockside FM, Kafanchan (KSMC)

90.9 – Capital Sounds FM, Kaduna (KSMC)

91.7 – Liberty Radio (English) Kaduna

92.1 – Karama FM, Kaduna (FRCN)

92.9 – Freedom Radio FM, Kaduna

94.1 – Queen FM, Zaria (KSMC)

96.1 – Supreme FM, Kaduna (FRCN)

97.7 – Alheri Radio FM, Kaduna

98.5 – KASU FM (Kaduna State University Radio)

98.9 – Invicta FM, Kaduna

102.5 – Teachers Radio (Nigeria Institute of Teachers NTI)

103.1 – Liberty Radio (Hausa) Kaduna

106.5 – Ray Power FM Kaduna

639 MW – Kada 1 (KSMC)

747 MW – Nagarta Radio

594 MW – FRCN (Hausa), Kaduna

1107 MW – FRCN (English), Kaduna

102.7 – Spider FM (Kaduna Polytechnic Radio)

94.3 – Correct FM

99.9 – Brekete Family FM

98.1 – Salama radio, kafanchan

99.1 – Jakada Fm, Zaria.

We would like to keep updating this list so if you have information on any radio station we omitted here do let us know through the comment section below.

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  1. You people omitted, Correct FM 94.3, Brekete Family FM 99.9 , Salaam radio kafanchan & Jakada Fm Zaria.

  2. Abdulkadir Dabo

    You omitted hyai fm 89.5 hamada radio 91.7

  3. Please can I get a contact from Supreme Fm?

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