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List of Newspapers in Togo

Togo has a growing and evolving media sector. The media landscape is dominated by both print and electronic media. The newspaper industry in Togo is impacting the society tremendously with a growing audience base. There are government owned and private media organizations in Togo and the Western libertarian media system operates in that country, in line with the democratic government system. There are several national and regional newspapers in that country but some of them are very popular. Here is a list of popular newspapers, news sites, and magazines in Togo.

Togo newspapers, news sites, and magazines


Le Temps Togo

Togo Tribune

A Lome

Togo Breaking News

Togo First

Togo Web‎

Au Togo

27 Avril

Togo Presse

Afree Press

Togo Actualite

Savoir News

Togo Media 24

La Voix de la Nation

Togo Times‎

Togo Reveil

Lome Infos

Togo Online

Togo Portail

Togo En Live

Pour La Patrie L’Union

UFC Togo

La Nouvelle Tribune

Togo Actualites

Togo 24


Emergence Togo

L’Independant Express

Liberte Togo

Miabe Togo Actu

Fraternite News

Le Combat du Peuple‎

228 Actu

Radio Lome – online news

Republic of Togo (République Togolaise)

BBC News – Country profile: Togo


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