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List Of Magazine Publishers In Nigeria

The magazine industry is one of the pillars of the print media sector in Nigeria. With online platforms facilitating audience expansion in the print business, more magazine titles are coming out by the day. Here’s a list of popular magazine publishers in Nigeria.

1Push Naija

1Push Naija is a Nigerian magazine that delivers update news & information on education, sports, tech, science, entertainment, health, lifestyle and many more. It’s headquarters is situated at 60 Haji Camp, Mando, Kaduna, Kaduna State, Nigeria.


Encomium is a household name in the print media industry in Nigeria. It is a weekly published magazine that offers the latest news and aims to excite, enlighten and educate the public

Finest Rock Magazine

Finest Rock Magazine has quality contents that excite the audience. It is a leading media publishing company with vast knowledge of entertainment and media and presents to you fashion, entertainment, arts and sciences in Nigeria and the rest of the world. The magazine also has aesthetic quality.

Nature Magazine Limited

This is a service media center for publication of health care guide in Nigeria.

Nigerian Newsworld Magazine Limited

Nigerian Newsworld Magazine is a popular publication in the country. It is a publishing centre for politics, business, education, news and sports. It’s unique contents mark it out amongst the rest.

Ovation International

This media center publisheds Ovation magazine, one if the leading celebrity magazines in Nigeria.

Security Focus Magazine

Security Focus International Magazine has unique contents that distinguish it as a leading security information and educative publication in Nigeria. It has a high degree of professional contributions in Security and Safety matters. Among its objectives is to broaden people’s mind on issues that relate to security.

Tell Communications Limited

This is service media service center in Nigeria for publication of weekly Tell magazine, one of the leading news magazines in Nigeria.

Source magazine

This is a media service center for publication news, lifestyle, celebrity, politics, in Nigeria. Source magazine is among the popular news magazines in Nigeria.

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