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List of 14 Awesome Women’s Magazines You Should Checkout


Specialized consumer magazines are the delight of specific target audience. Women magazines are among popular publications in the print media landscape. These magazines appeal to women and some men for their unique contents targeted at specialized audience. There are some women’s magazines that may not be the most popular but they are unique on their own because of their contents. Here is a list of 14 popular Women magazines in the world and their slogans/taglines. You may never have heard of these magazines but you could find them awesome. These magazines don’t suck. They’re interesting publications to checkout.

14. make/shift

“feminism in motion”

At number 14 is Make/Shift. It is an independently owned feminists magazine based in Los Angeles. It is constructed by “an editorial collective committed to anarchist, transnational, and queer perspectives” which “embrace the multiple shifting identities of feminist communities.” It is a cutting-edge magazine which uses robust journalism, analysis, art and essays to discuss intersectional issues and express radical grassroots activism with a distinctly literary voice. The website is [website]. You can check it out.


13. Curve

“the best-selling lesbian magazine”

The Curve is a very popular lesbian magazine owned by Avalon Media. The magazine has featured cover stars like Uh Huh Her, Tegan & Sara, Glenn Close, Jane Lynch, Ruby Rose, Shay Mitchell and Chely Wright, in an effort to appeal to a wider primarily lesbian audience. The strives to ensure coverage of variety of issues such as fashion coverage by doing more original shoots, including doing monthly bits on women’s health, wedding planning, travel, politics and profiles of up-and-coming activists and entrepreneurs. The website is [website]. Take a look if you have interest in reading about captivating lesbian issues.


“for women who write”

At number 12 is Mslexia (UK). It is a writer-focused independently owned magazine primarily for women. Since 1999, British magazine mslexia has been honoring “women who write” with a “unique mix of debate and analysis, advice and inspiration; news, reviews, interviews; competitions, events, courses, grants. All served up with a challenging selection of new poetry and prose.” The magazine celebrates women writers in a unique manner that has endeared it to the heart of readers. The website is [website]. Click to find out the women trending in the writers’ world.


11. GO

“The cultural road map for city girls everywhere.”

independently owned

At number 11 is GO Magazine. This has been the #1 source for lesbian nightlife and entertainment in the New York City area for about a decade, and is now distributed nation-wide. The website is [website]. Click to see what this independently owned magazine offers.

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10. Lula (UK)

“girl of my dreams”

At number 10 is Lula. This British magazine is practically worshipped by its readers. It comes out just a few times a year and is truly expensive especially in the US. The unique features are  gorgeous, the design is engaging, the style is innovative and it lives up to its descriptor as “gentle, whimsical and ethereal in tone, mixing high fashion to fall in love with and interviews that feel like late night chats with people you wish you knew.” The magazine is definitely not for everybody but for those who can afford it. Its cost is somewhat justified by the fact that it’s basically an art/fashion book. Click here to check it out [website]. Lula, is something you keep for forever. Click and see for yourself.

9. women’s health

“it’s good to be you.”

Women’s Health is owned by owned by Rodale, Inc. It’s a unique mainstream women’s fitness magazine. Its smartly-toned features are often topical and relatable and its fitness and nutrition advice occasionally more fresh and relevant than other magazines in the newsstand. Click here to check it out [website].


8. tom-tom magazine

“a magazine for female drummers”

At number eight is Tom-Tom magazine. It is an independently owned magazine primarily focusing on female drummers. Readers who like drums, girls, or girls who drum, should check it out. The magazine is gorgeously designed and full of thoughtful interviews with both big names and up-and-comers that readers would like to read about. Click here to check it out [website].


7. DIVA (UK)

DIVA is a lesbian magazine owned by gay & lesbian media company Millivres Prowler LTD.

The first issue of DIVA was published in 1994 and it remains the only monthly glossy newsstand magazine for lesbians in the UK (possibly in the world). A bit edgier than its stateside counterparts, DIVA is one of those magazines that makes being a lesbian seem super-cool and sexy — from its annual “Naked Issue” to its annual “Sex Issue” to cover stars like Jane Lynch, Heather Peace, the Coronation Street girls and Leisha Hailey. This is a very popular magazine among lesbian communities in the world. The website is [website].

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“For women with something to get off their chests.”

At number six is Bust. This is an independently owned magazine that focuses on DIY and independent musicians/writers/artists with a major impact on girl culture and the lady-mag world. Straight out of the gate, BUST was all about the crafting and other nerdy pursuits (feature articles are often about things like HISTORY!) and hosts super-fun BUST Craftaculars (I went to one in Brooklyn, it was awesome). BUST readers are smart, independent, pro-active women who like celebrities, makeup and clothing as well as political activism and books. The almost-monthly magazine chooses its cover models/interviewees carefully, sticking to women who have something to say, like Beth Ditto, Mindy Kahling, Amy Poehler, Diablo Cody, Amy Sedaris, Eve and Portia De Rossi. The recent “Earth Issue” offered 51 Ways to Go Green Without Growing Broke, a feature on “how ladies are leading the eco-revolution” and “Urban Farming Made Easy.” Check it out at [website].


5. the gentlewoman (UK)

“fabulous women’s magazine”

Gentlewoman magazine is full of “ambitious journalism and photography of the highest quality.” Recent issues have included pieces on or by Adele, Yoko Ono, The Magnetic Fields, Jenny Holzer and Tilda Swinton. It’s classy without being stuffy and approaches fashion with an “intelligent perspective” that is “focused on personal style – the way women actually look, think and dress.” It is something you should checkout. Click here to see what it offers [website].


4. Shameless (CA)

“your regular dose of fresh feminism for girls and trans youth.”

Shameless is an independently owned by Shameless Media. The Canadian magazine advertises itself as “an independent Canadian voice for smart, strong, sassy young women and trans youth.” It takes the reader seriously, approaches media and mass culture with a fun yet critical eye, and (intentionally or not) aims to cultivate the reader’s desire to engage in political, social justice and anti-oppression activism. Check it out at [website]. It may not be as popular as the high fliers you know but this is an awesome magazine you won’t believe is existing somewhere with such captivating contents.


3. Frankie (AU)

“art * music * fashion * craft * life”

At number three is Frankie (AU). It is owned by “unique and progressive” Australian magazine publishing company Morrison Media. Frankie was started by two friends – Louise Bannister and Lara Burke – who thought that nothing on the newsstand suited their fancy and they felt they could do it better themselves, molding a mag that “spoke directly to the reader, contained great affordable fashion, sweet art, interesting reads and pretty photography.” They came up with Frankie which has proved to be a success with followers enjoying what they see in the magazine. Check it out at [website]

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2. Ms.

“more than a magazine – a movement”

At number two is MS. It is independently owned by non-profit organization, Feminist Majority Foundation. Ms. is a superb magazine that committed to political progress in a rapidly-shifting cultural climate. It speaks about real life issues, like wage inequity, sexual harassment, second shifting and abortion; rather than another glossy of makeup advice. This unique feature endears it to the heart of readers. Ms. has had quite a few bumps in the road and has been subject to a lot of dissent, particularly for its initial focus on middle-class white-lady problems. But it continues to grow/change. You should check it out here [website].


1. Bitch

“feminist response to pop culture.”

At number one is Bitch. The name sounds weird but it is a very unique and popular women’s magazine. It is independently owned by Bitch Media. The Portland-based feminist magazine is an absolutely exceptional lady-focused magazine. Bitch is smart, dorky, funny, educational and somehow also friendly. It is consistently inventive and always-evolving, with engaging contents about pop culture through a queer and/or feminist lens.

Every issue has a theme which dominates its long-form pieces — like Labor & Love, Insider/Oustider, Confidential, Make-Believe, Style & Substance and Puberty. For example, the “WIRED” issue included articles on bunk science reporting, racism and sexism in Second Life and “the evolution of the artificial woman.” Front-of-book bits include Love It/Shove It (pieces for or against a specific show/website/campaign/concept/musician/movie/genre/trend) and columns which tackle questions like “Who made Taylor Swift the sex police?” and “What’s missing in the rhetoric of political cartoons?”

Bitch’s online presence is pretty great too, with amazing guest columnists including at least one queer-centric thematic column per month (this month it’s Carrie Nelson talking about Bi Invisibility). This is a magazine you should checkout. The website is [website]



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