Sunday , December 3 2023

Lioness Gets Trapped In Zebra Stampede, watch dramatic outcome (Viral video)

A video showing the intriguing zebras were running over a lioness has surfaced on the internet and left many users amazed.

The clip, shared on YouTube by Maasai Sightings on Sunday, was filmed at the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

“A lion pride in Serengeti were hunting zebras and a lioness decided to stand in front of the zebra stampede and try to catch one only to get trampled by the stampede,” read the caption of the post.

The one-minute-long video opened to show pride of lions scattered across an open field to catch some zebras. Within moments, the camera then focused on one of the lionesses who ended up standing in the middle of a stampede while hunting.

The whole scene made the ground appear like a war zone. But, as nature would have it, the lioness ended up catching two zebras, as per the caption of the YouTube post.

Since shared, the video has left internet users astonished. “She’s lucky she never ended up like Mufasa! Bring in the wildebeests!” wrote one user referencing an animated character from the film ‘Lion King‘.

“I was expecting a dead lion but those cats are beasts. That was such a risky move by the pride of lions, they must have been starving,” added another.

A third commented, “Absolutely amazing!!! What a great hunter despite the running herd …lions/lionesses are unique in the wilderness…over the top.” “She did well. She stayed focused, determined and she made her kill,” added fourth.



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