Lauretta Onochie Biography; Growing up, Marriage, Networth

Lauretta Onochie was appointed Personal Assistant to the President on Social Media in 2016. She hails from Anioma, Delta State, Nigeria.
She is seen largely as controversial due to her tweets attacking those who attack the presidency and government policies. She is very visible on social media ready to defend the federal government against the slightest attack by social media users.
Madam Onochie is a grand mother. She is also a child behaviour deficiency correctional expert.
She is also a trained pastor. She attended a Bible college in Calabar where she was ordained a pastor.
Onochie is a single mum who had been married only once but you may have seen social media posts claiming she was getting ready for a fifth marriage. That was all false as she confirmed. There were strong rumours in 2019 that Onochie had entered into a fifth marriage. But she said she laughed off the rumours of that imaginary marriage, describing it as untrue. She said she had only been married just once in her life. Her family lives in the United Kingdom. She left a lecturing job in the United Kingdom to join President Buhari’s government.

She describes herself as a very fair person in an interview. She said if it’s not fair she won’t do it, she only does what is fair. In an interview on Asabe Africa, an online TV, Onochie said, “I like fairness, equity and justice.”

Onochie’s networth is not known but as someone who worked in the United Kingdom and has been serving as Personal Assistant to President Buhari since 2016, you can guess what she is worth.
Her hobbies include playing online games and reading books. She also said she loves drinking palmwine whenever she is in Anioma, Delta State. Here’s what she said on Asabe TV about social media banters on the fact that she drinks palm wine;

“When I was in the United Kingdom, each time I returned home I must have a glass of palm wine. Even now, each time l go home please give me my glass of palm wine. Beer and all those things, they’re not my people’s wine. It is palm wine. And we have a club for it, palm wine drinkers club and they say palm wine is good for you and me. Am I going to deny that I take a glass of palm wine once in a while? Is that going to kill me?” Onochie really loves being who she is and that’s one virtue she is known for. She is never swayed by public outcry or social media attacks against her character.


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Onochie is popular for controversial tweets, although she seems not to be moved by whatever outrage her tweets may generate. Among her most notable controversial tweets was when she called a sitting Senator, Enyinnaya Abaribe a “Buffoon” because the Senator called for the resignation of President Buhari over insecurity in the country. Onochie did not find that attack against her boss funny. She posted this message on her twitter handle:

1. Security issues are sad concerns around the world including Nigeria

Buffoon Enyinnaya Abaribe, telling Nigerians to “pick stones to stone THEM”, is out of order! It’s a call for anarchy!

To those who listen to him, Nigeria is not Sen Ike Ekweremadu. Dont even try it. Don’t!

2. Abaribe has tried with Nnamdi Kanu, to rip this nation apart and failed When @atiku said there will be more herdsmen killing if @MBuhari was reelected, who said anything? How many stones did Abaribe throw?
Please throw the first stone.
We are waiting.

The tweet was too hot to handle. Many Nigerians did not find it funny at all. As expressed in social media reactions, people felt calling a sitting Senator “a buffoon” was way too far. But that didn’t move Onochie at all who is ever ready to express her loyalty to her boss which was her utmost interest.


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