Monday , October 2 2023

Lady Sent Away From Church In Onitsha For Wearing This Dress (Photos)

A lady has been left displeased after she was sent away from a church in Awada area of Onitsha, Anambra state for wearing this outfit. According to Mbanefo Nkiru Angel, she was sent back by the church warders who told her to wear a jacket or a scarf to cover her ”Unclad” outfit.

The unhappy lady took to Facebook to share what happened. She wrote;

Today that I decided to go to church. My look to church today in awada onitsha. The church warders sent me back. They refused me entering the church saying I should go and look for a jacket or a scarf to cover my shoulder. Shouting that I’m Unclad. I didn’t even talk to them. I just jejely and happily carry my legs and go back. let me go and sleep biko.

Nonsense and ingredients. Ndi over do…

Below is how Facebook users reacted to after she shared her story online.


What do you think?

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  1. Nwabugwu Sandra ijeoma

    But that dress was not too bad her…as long as we can’t see your private places then why chasing her out na?

  2. Eze Priscillia Obianuju

    Tank God she went back home, it’s obvious she is not serious what will it take her to get a scarf and cover herself for the few mimutes she is going to spend there

  3. Anwuka chetachi assumpta

    What’s this world even turning into
    How can she wear such cloth to church. Indescent dressing HV to stop. May God help us.
    Anwuka chetachi assumpta


    I don’t see anything wrong with her dress. ..Some ushers will just be Misbehaving……Smh. .Reg no : Chukwukadibia Adaobi. Reg no : 2015054029

  5. Ohhh……church nawaoh


  6. What’s wrong with that dressing? 2015054053

  7. Mordi Antoinette

    People should know there are clothes for different occasions

  8. people should learn to respect and fear God and everything that concerns Him. Decency and orderliness must be introduced.

  9. Uzor Cecilia Ifunanya

    so what’s she trying to achieve by posting her stupidity online? You can’t dress inappropriately to church..didn’t her mother ever tell her that?

  10. 2015054040
    For me her dress is not bad at all. The church wardens should have asked her to stay outside not asking her to leave the church

  11. There is nothing wrong with this dress if you ask me. The mentality of people within that vicinity is just myopic.
    Nwosu Leona Uchechi
    Team Mobutu Seseko

  12. Ohijeh blessing

    Yea u rily need a jacket

  13. I don’t see anything wrong with this dress

  14. Umeugo Vivian ifunanya

    Actually from my own view,she really doesn’t want to go to church that’s why she dress like that because a young fearing lady should know is church she’s going to and needs to dress decent. What’s this world actually turning into. Indecent dressing has to stop. May God help us

  15. You finally decieded to go to church abi? Thank God you were chased out. Dress propely at all time.

  16. This is a sign of sticking to ethical values.

  17. Chikaogwu chioma kevina

    Just when you decided to go to church… your village people still don’t want to live you…. village people are real fear them

  18. onwuegbusi Kingsley

    nothing concern them with ur dressing. Z between you and God(2015054134)

  19. Obiechina Ifunanya Vivian


    There are different clothes for different occasions. So my dear, next time, while going to church, dress decently not for people Buh for God himself to avoid his wrath.

  20. Agwaraonye uchenna Maureen

    you need to dress properly before coming into the presence of God my dear

  21. Igbeli Assumpta Kosiso

    Theses days the same dress people wear to parties no longer differ from the thing we wear to church…there is no respect 4 d person of Christ or the grieving Holy Spirit…

  22. Udemba Chikodili

    That serves her right.

  23. Ejiofor Kingsley

    How can you go to church in such outfit kwanu? Serves you right .

  24. Of all the clothes she has she decided to wear that nonsense…Thank God she was sent back atleast when next she decides to come she would dress decently…099

  25. Ejiofor Kingsley

    How can you go to church in such outfit kwanu? Serves you right .

  26. Why would a good Christian dress like this she don’t want to be in church that is simple because I don’t see the reason she will dress like that

  27. Hmm you must not be serious.

  28. Alagbogu Chinazom


  29. Chukwuanu Ekpereamaka Peace

    I no fit talk

  30. Ifeoma Irechukwu

    Irechukwu Ifeoma

    You should have looked for jacket instead of going home

  31. Emenanjo onyinyechi. m

    How can she wear such cloth to church.
    Indescent dressing HV to stop.
    May God help us.

  32. We have to dress properly before coming into the presence of God my dear

  33. The world is just been hypocritical

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