Lady Allows Her Hubby To Marry 2nd Wife, Even Feeds Her On The Wedding Day (Photos)

Hausa Instagram Blog, Hausa Room, has just shared an extremely rare incident that happened days ago, A man got married to a second wife, Now that’s normal in that part of the world.
The amazing aspect of the story is that the man’s first wife was in support all through, To the extent she fed the second wife on the wedding day, Posed for photos, and was even smiling very hard..
The story was written on the blog in hausa language but the translation gave the following text;
”God is gracious that you seek the world and the Hereafter. The bride and groom do not hesitate to ask the woman to come in to her home by your work, to make sure you respect her and join her in worshiping God. May God grant you peace. Ameen”
Some social media users are doubting the realistic nature of the first wife’s display, saying it was fake show of acceptance.
What do you think about this?
see photos below!


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