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Kudos! Nigerian Soldier Graduates with Distinction at U.S. Army War College

Col. Kazir (Pix credit: newshelmng)

Another Nigerian has done the nation proud abroad. He is Col. Kazir,who has just graduated with Distinction out of 138 Graduates from 71 countries at U.S. Army War college. He was awarded Distinguished Graduate.
We need more of such good stories to elevate our country’s image abroad. This kind of stories inspire the youth in our country

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  1. Dumaka Francis U

    That’s a good news,9ja no dey carry last…congrats to him

  2. Congratulations to him. Another achievement unlocked. he did it!, Nigerians are proud of him…

    Quiz no:189

  3. Wow

    May God continue with his good works in your life

    Congratulations sir.

    Quiz no 73
    Group 4

  4. Nigeria is just the best. Kudos to you Col. Kazir,we pray and hope to see more like you.
    Quiz no:72
    Group 1

  5. chidume happiness

    Woow congratulations to you sir. You have made Nigeria proud.

  6. wow, that’s great keep the flag of Nigeria flying Sir.

  7. Wow!!! Wonderful,Atleast we have some people in this country bringing good names to our Country.. Not others going and after a month or so they depot them back

  8. amazing….congratulations to our brother

  9. congratulations. May God continue to bless you

  10. Kudos to him…. congrats

  11. Nweke immaculata onyinye, no 77. reg no 2015054004

    Wow, this are the kind of things we look out for. Amazing

  12. chikaogwu Chioma

    Nice one…. thanks for making the country proud

  13. 2015054009,Quiz no.75

    Wow,congratulations,we truly need more such good stories

  14. Anyadubalu Somto. c. 2015054112

    wooww. congrats

  15. Ojukwu Ujunwa Fransisca2015054070


  16. ora joseph chinedu


  17. What an inspiration to our youths indeed… congratulations sir

  18. obido chiamaka genevieve

    Congratulations to him
    Quiz on 26
    Group 4

  19. Egbulem Assumpta

    we need to work hard.for we to live a life for people to remember (2015054138)

  20. igbonekwu sylvester

    good one..

  21. Agwaraonye uchenna Maureen

    col.kazir has made our country proud by obtaining that award. it’s a thing of joy and am so happy for him because it’s not an easy job. Congratulations dear!…..

  22. Okafor chidimma Stephnie 2015054139

    Good to hear

  23. that’s wonderful story,we need them more in other to lift our country up…quiz9 2015054038

  24. Wow congrats to you sir
    Group 8
    Quiz number 97

  25. udorji ozioma yvonne

    wow this is great ,if 59% of the youth are inspired and motivated to be like this man that means in the nearest future their will be nothing like no job opportunities ,because this one is automatic retaining.(032)

  26. Ezenwajiugo Somto Prosper

    hail Nigeria…we can do more than this if only the Government want so.. we have it in us..(group 10…quiz no33)

  27. Kudos to him.. we need such congratulatory stories

  28. Congrat to Col. Kazir on that great achievement.

  29. obidigbo ifeoma Christabel

    waow that is a true Nigerian,congratulations sir.

  30. Agina Gloria Ebele

    Congrats sir.quiz no(76)

  31. Wonderful!!! Congrats Col. Kazir you made your family and our country proud …. Weldon

  32. Nice one thumbs up

  33. This is good congratulations to him

  34. Congratulations to you col. Kazir more arms to your elbow. This is one of the things our country Nigeria should be known for, not the other way round.

  35. Congratulations Col. kazir you did well… 2015054054

  36. Congratulations to him.
    Reg no:2015054135

  37. A job well done , hope he will come back to his country.

  38. umeofor chizaram

    A very massive congratulations to him

  39. Wow!he really made Nigerians proud.

  40. congratulate,to him he has made Nigeria so prourd

  41. Congrates to him. We are blessed with intelligence.
    Despite all am proud of my country NIGERIA

  42. Wow………..congratulations to him,am so proud of him. He really represented us well. Don’t worry I will be the next I won’t only graduate with distinction but will be the best.

  43. congratulations …..This is a wonderful news keep it up. (2015054063)reg no

  44. Nakmeme Obinna D

    wow congrats bro….this is exactly what others should emulate.

  45. udechukwu chiamaka

    congrats sir..
    Udechukwu chiamaka 2015054017

  46. Dike Miracle Chinelo


  47. nice one

  48. congrats to you sir,keep the good work moving

  49. Congrat for such achievement

  50. Nwoka Ngozi Victoria

    Good news.

  51. Uzor Cecilia Ifunanya

    Congratulations to him

  52. Ezefesie Lilian Onyinye

    congratulations to him, it is not easy

  53. orakwelu daniel


  54. nwazelibe ogochukwu


  55. Ejidike Cynthia chiamaka

    kudos to Nigeria army for such outstanding award.

  56. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    Congratulations to him,he’s indeed a proud Nigerian bravo

  57. keep it up sir,keep making your country proud. quiz no. 7,reg no. 2015054149

  58. Wow, congratulation to you sir you have made us Nigeria proud. Quiz 87 reg no 2016054081

  59. Wow,congratulations to him,he made our nation proud, hurry,hurry,hurry it calls for a celebration

  60. Ibeh Ifunanya Cynthia

    Quiz no 154
    Congratulations to him…. Nigerians are intelligent and Smart people

  61. Ezeakudo Mirabel Chinelo

    Quiz no 153
    Congratulations……. Nigerians are representing the country well

  62. Another feather to Nigeria’s cap. kudos Col. Kazir and keep the flag flying.(107)

  63. Erokwu crystal chinelo

    Congratulations .Greater you.

  64. godwin ejedoghaobi

    Congrats to this young man ,we need people like this in our country Godwin ejedoghaobi 2016054015 mass com 100 level

  65. Nwankwo Deborah Ogechi , 2016054130,group 2

    Nigeria all the way up…. Congrats sir kazir

  66. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    What a great achievement.
    Congratulation to you sir.
    We are proud of you.

  67. Congrats Sir, u’ve made us proud
    Quiz no:94

  68. chisom Janefrances

    Nice one .congrats sir

  69. Emenanjo Onyinye

    congrats to you sir …….it is not easy.

  70. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    bravo… Congratulations oh


    Solid. Good job. A great feat indeed. Best he comes back to employ his training and knowledge to surmount the various incessant internal insurrections that has contributed in keeping our beloved country at the state in which it is now.

  72. congratulations sir….ur country is proud of you.
    And i pray God will help us the future of 2moro to follow steps Amen ………
    quiz no 124
    group 14

  73. Wow,A very big congrat to this wonderful achiever,well done.
    Quiz no 120

  74. Ezenyimulu Okechukwu

    Wow congrates

  75. Wow that’s great and inspiring to us the young n9ja, well done sir.

  76. vivian ezeh chinaecherem

    congratulation sir is not easy…we are proud of you

  77. Wow!!! Col.kazir is really a genius, he is really representing the country well

  78. Nwabugwu Sandra ijeoma

    Congrats to him(2015054104)

  79. ugbagu Nneka Augustine

    good one really made Nigeria proud


  80. Ezigbo Esther. ogechi

    congratulations to you sir….. nice one


  81. Congrats Col.Kazir,i hail thee!three gunshots in the air for your marvelous achievement and for elevating the nation’s flag at U.S.Bravo to you sir, I salute you.
    Reg no:2016054018
    Quiz no:83
    Group :5

  82. Ebeledike ifunanya love

    More grease to your elbow .The Lord be your strength

  83. kudos to him,but doesnt change the fact about the poor state of nigeria..
    Reg no (2016054154)
    quiz no 158

  84. congratulations to u sir…. we re proud of you

  85. Wow kudos to him… It’s not a day job,he did massively well… congrats

  86. What a great achievement….The country is proud of you…congratulations

  87. okeke chiamaka gabriella

    congratulations sir…

  88. wow nigerians are living up to their names the “giant of africa” everywhere they go. very good sir.

  89. Congrats and more power to ur elbow

  90. Nwufo Vivian Chidimma, Group 2, quiz no 144

    wow, that’s good, congratulations to him and hey were are those that say they wants Biafra ” united we stand and divided we fall” I love my country.

  91. Wow, this is AMAZING. I noticed Nigerians tend to excel in other countries more than they do in their country, is it because they are rarely recognized in their mother land? Kudos Sir Col. Kazir…
    quiz no:118
    group: 6
    reg no: 2016054050

  92. Iferika Ogochukwu Anastasia

    That’s great achievement..more grease to your elbow dear

  93. This soldier has done this nation proud,kudos to him.
    Group no:10

  94. ndubisi Chidimma Lilian 2016054080

    Good news ooo,najia all d way up



  96. Anene Ejiofor Emmanuel

    I have known that Nigerians are full of talents …we no dey carry last

  97. ogbonna ozioma Florence

    Congratulations to him.Nigerians are proud of you!

  98. ogbonna Divine 2015054147

    Congratulations to him.Nigerians are proud of you!

  99. congrats..A true Nigeria Ambassador.. keep making Nigeria proud
    quiz no 129

  100. Congratulations, on his great achievement it ain’t easy
    Quiz number:3
    Group number:15 A
    Reg number:2016054049

  101. Congratulations sir. You’ve really made the country proud

  102. Congrats to him. 9ja no dey carry last .
    Quiz no:156

  103. Obiasor Chinazo Helen

    Congratulations to Col.kazir…We pray for all to be like you and emulate from your hardwork…

  104. That’s true, very inspiring story. quiz no 8 group 11.

  105. Agu Joseph Odira

    Encouraging kudos

  106. Chidozie Chiazokam Jennifer

    wow!!congratulations sir..up nija we no dey carry last.

  107. nwankwo chinaza blessing

    nija got talent keep it up sir.

  108. Emechebe chiamaka precious

    more of dis to coming nd Moreto be seen in our country.congratulation sir

  109. congratulations on this great achievements keep it up, the lord is your strength

  110. this is what we hope to see every time we surf the net.
    reg no: 2016054109
    quiz no: 99


    Wow Congratulations sir…. up nija we no day carry last.
    Group 15
    Quiz no 16

  112. congrats to you sir…you deserve it…what a great honour…2015054080

  113. congrats sir,you have made Nigerians proud

  114. This is very good we need news like this to make our country great again and let the world know we are developing very fast 2016054038 group 14 no 14

  115. Congrats!!! We are proud of u.this is to let the world know that we are civilized and we have potential 2016054017

  116. He has truly represented us abroad atleast this will encourage our youth to dream big.

  117. Aguinam-ojukwu Faustina

    kudos to your sir
    keep the flag flying…make Nigeria proud
    Quiz 91
    Group 15A

  118. Congratulations to you sir. more grease to your elbow.
    quiz no 64

  119. Ezike Onyeka Emmanuel.

    This shows that Nigeria soldiers are good both home and abroad. only if we can make them better with more welfare package. only security agencies are really good,as good people and bad people exist everywhere. it’s good to know you were honoured.

  120. ekweozor Ifeoma laura

    our soldiers are good anywhere anytime.

  121. Splendid,congratulation fellow compatriot this is a good news to all Nigerians home and abroad

  122. Great, we are proud of you Col kazir

  123. Congrats Sir. A good ambassador of Nigeria. Well done. Quiz number: 101
    Reg number:2016054133

  124. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    Ndi nija kwennu….. Congratulations to you…Col. Kazir…odiro easy….

  125. That’s my daddy am Soooo happy to see this sir,but am not surprised cause I already know how great you are.there are no words to describe how good you have been to so many people you deserve it and even more congratulations

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