Friday , September 22 2023

Kogi State Government Reportedly Arrests Stray Goats In Broad Daylight (Photos)

No one would blame any government for making effort to keep a state clean but this report is a bit bizarre and hilarious. Multiple social media reports have it that some stray goats were today rounded up in Kogi State in a bid to make the confluence state cleaner.

Alleged picture of the arrested goats
In the quest to build a better and healthy Kogi State, Governor Adoza Yahaya Bello had to employ the expertise of ‘Gee Money Cleaners’ to help keep the state clean and attractive.
In the course of the cleaning exercise, some goats constituting nuissance around were arrested and whisked away in a truck to an undisclosed location.
This development has generated much humour on social media with commenters having a field day.
“Seems like animals are not spared in the heat of this catastrophic government. The earlier they join forces with us in synergy to jettison APC, the better for both human and animal race” a social media user hilariously said.
Recently Kogi was ranked as one of the cleanest states in Nigeria. This is purely the handy work of the government who had put in massive effort to make sure the state is clean and safe for all.

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