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Kim Jong-Un Cracks Down On Leather Coats So People Won’t Copy His Style

Kim jung un bans leather coats

He does not want people to copy his style so he banned the use of leather coats especially the ones that look like his own.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been cracking down on people wearing leather coats after they became popular because he and other dignitaries have been spotted wearing them, according to sources from within the Asian hermit kingdom, reports LadBible.

According to a resident of Pyongsong, which is not far from the capital Pyongyang, the coats have been popularised by Jong-un himself, as well as other leading figures such as his sister Kim Yo-jong, who has been spotted wearing one.

The source – who, for obvious reasons, hasn’t been named – told Radio Free Asia: “Now the leather coat has become a symbol for powerful women too.

“As leather coats began to be recognised as a symbol of power, private clothing merchants asked trading company officials to import synthetic leather since September of this year.

“They copied the design of the leather coats worn by the Highest Dignity and the officials and now they are being sold in the marketplace.”

The citizen said that police officers in Pyongsong recently started a crackdown on people selling the jackets, as well as demanding them from people who are wearing them.

Apparently, they’re quite literally taking the clothes of someone’s back.

The authorities have – the source claimed – described the leather coat trend as an ‘impure trend to challenge the authority of the Highest Dignity’.

Leather jackets have actually been a popular fashion choice in North Korea since the early 2000s, when they became popular from smuggled South Korean films that were in circulation.

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The coats are either imported directly from China or made domestically, according to another source.(LadBible)


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