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Kenyan Teachers In Trouble As Secondary School Students Beat Them Up, Burn Schools For Introducing Measures To Stop Exam Cheating

Secondary school teachers in Kenya and principals are currently on the run as angry students protesting new measures to prevent exam cheating are beating everyone black and blue and burning down schools.

The attacks have intensified as the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations draw near. The exams are slated for October and November, and it was beginning to dawn on the students that they would not have their way in the exams following which they resorted to the option of burning boarding schools and beating up teachers..

Most of the principals were newly sent to the schools to curb wide-spread cheating.

As the attacks intensify, students have torched seven boarding schools in that country in the last week while protesting against the introduction of tough new measures to prevent cheating in examinations due in three months, education minister Amina Mohammed has said, at a press conference.

According to Mohammed, in one of the incidents at one school, students demanded an undertaking from the principal that he would facilitate cheating in the examinations.

Police in Kenya have intensified efforts to end the unrest, arresting 125 students, a statement by the ministry said.

Intense investigations are being carried out with a view to arresting the situation, wakkinews.com reports.

According to the report prepared by the Ministry’s Quality Assurance and Standards, students in most of the affected schools wanted their principals to make a commitment that they would help them to cheat in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations, slated for October and November.
The principals and teachers in the affected schools reported that they were being put under pressure to abet cheating, failure to which the students take to strike.

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New investigations commissioned by the Education Ministry reports that at least 30 secondary schools have been attacked by unhappy students since the beginning of the year.

According to Daily Nation, most of the affected schools have new principals, some of who had been tasked to stop rampant cheating in the institutions following a survey of “marked” schools based on reports on examinations in previous years.

In one instance, Form Four students in Ortum Secondary School went on strike in May because their newly-appointed principal failed to guarantee to assist them to cheat in the exams.
“Students wanted the principal to declare that he will assist candidates during the KCSE examinations,” the report said of the Ortum unrest.


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