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Kassy De Classy Man! 20 stunning facts about this amazing broadcaster you may not know

There are people who do not just have passion for their job but see it as a part of their lifestyle; a part of the life they are living on earth. They enjoy the job with such an unbelievable satisfaction that those who utilize their services leave with exciting memories like encounters with fairy tale superheroes. Such rare breeds exist in Nigeria’s broadcasting industry and one of them is Kasiemobi Ejikeme, the most amazing young On-Air Personality (OAP) in Anambra State. This talented media personality has an on-air and off-air charisma that charms even ‘waka pass’ listeners in die-hard fans.

Kasiemobi was recently rated to be among the top 10 ‘sexiest’ male OAPs in Anambra State, where he works for Blaze 91.5 FM Oraifite. He has an infectiously sexy voice that is magical on air when ladies listen to him. It was gathered that a number of female listeners practically ‘pass out’ on hearing his voice on radio.  Kasie is one revelation that stunned both his listeners and former classmates when he joined Blaze 91.5 FM. Those who were in school with him could not initially recognize his voice when they first heard it on air. There was total transformation. Kasie who goes by the studio name ‘Kassy De Classy Man’ presents an entertainment programme entitled Musimag. He also anchors another programme on Saturday called Sound and Spirit. Kassy as he is fondly called, has what has been described by some female listeners as one of the sexiest voices coming from a male OAP in Anambra State. Kassy is one of the rising OAPs that will take Nigeria’s media landscape by storm in the nearest future. Here are 20 stunning facts you may not know about this multi-talented and captivating broadcaster.

1. He grew up in Lagos

2. He has a degree in mass communication from Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University

3. He never had the intention of studying mass communication or even becoming a broadcaster while in his early days in primary and secondary school.

4. He was very regular and punctual to class during his days at the university

5. He was so dedicated to practical exercises and was made one of his group coordinators during an advert production done by his class; his set ended up doing the best television advertisements produced by any class for over 10 years in the department of Mass Communication where he studied.

6. He is a skilled inspirational teacher and was among resource persons in a five-day “Re-discover Yourself” free training workshop creative young talents, organized by Mandiba Media in collaboration with the Johnbosco Onunkwo Foundation, which held in Awka, Anambra State in 2018.

7. He is a talented song writer and vocalist as was expressed during his university days when he came up with a powerful acapella song for his group advertisement that thrilled the entire school. Rumours have it that Kassy would have ended up at the same level with Kanye West or Chris Brown if he had pursued a career in the music industry.

8. He was among the most charming young men in his class at the university and at a point reports had it that while at 300 level, about 16 girls were either secretly or openly dating him, though this was later dismissed a mere rumours by his close friends.

9. He stunned some of his lecturers after becoming an amazing On-Air Personality (OAP) with a captivating voice that even those who taught him could not recognize.

10. Those who knew him while in school attest to the unbelievable transformation of his voice after he received training and started working at Blaze FM, Oraifite.

11. He is the sexiest young OAP in Anambra primarily because of the infectious swag he adds to his voice pitch and rhythm which explains why 83 percent of his fans are young ladies and women.

12. He has unbelievable versatility for effectively coordinating programmes that cut across diverse genre, and robustly engaging listeners on diverse subjects.

13. He was the president of his lodge while in school and became the best person to have handled that position as confirmed by female lodge members who make up a larger percentage of the occupants of that lodge. It was said that he had an out-of-the-world gift for coordinating socio-communal inter-relationship with female lodge members, a gift which endeared him to both male and female occupants of his lodge.

14. He once killed a big snake that looked like either a python or viper in his lodge as it almost attacked a female student. This incident made the lodge occupants see him as the most protective lodge president around; it was reported that the technique he used to kill the big snake for attempting to move into the room of his lodge mate made snakes to stay away from his lodge until he graduated from the university.

15. He is a social media influencer with close to 10 thousand followers on twitter and thousands of them commenting on any of his tweets.

16. He plans to own a clothing line with the brand name KayDeeKay (abbreviation for his studio name Kassy De Classy).

17. His dream to own a clothing line explains why he hardly wears any other clothing except jeans and chinos trousers throughout the year.

18. He plans to take his broadcasting career further by operating a training school for young people to learn basics of broadcasting and on air personality building skills.

19. He almost went into the Nollywood industry but had a last minute change of plans after an opportunity came up at Blaze FM which switched his interest to broadcasting.

20. He is a deeply religious man that does not joke with his faith despite his highly social nature.




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