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Jungle Justice! 3 Boys Paraded Naked Along Ukwulu Road for Stealing one Fowl

The boys being paraded naked along Ukwulu road for stealing one fowls

An angry mob in Ukwulu, Anambra State, has paraded 3 boys who were caught with a stolen fowl.

The event which took place on Wednesday, July 26, drew attention as the boys who had allegedly confessed to the crime were beaten and stripped naked, while the fowl which they were accused of stealing was tied around the neck of one of them.

People came out to watch as they were matched along Ukwulu road.



View: What do you think about jungle justice? Do you think these boys deserved this treatment?

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  1. Chukwurah chinwike Christopher

    They deserve more than that …..this is a disgrace to humanhood

    • Be reasonable in your comment bro. What else do they deserve?? To be killed?? You must be one of those people that have not seen the other side of this life.

  2. chisom Janefrances

    What wil they used one fowl for three of them…… Na so hunger dey do oooo
    But they angry mob should have suggest another punishment not by stripped them naked in the public…

  3. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    This is very funny news o.. Recession has left some people devastated… nke bu na ha n’zuzi okuko

  4. They need to be treated like a thief in which they are.

  5. Micheal Nwazuloke

    Hmmmm,Horrible!!! The jungle justice in Nigeria should stop,besides they just stole a chicken,am not in support of the stealing,but they should atleast take the case to the Law Enforcement Angencies(Police) if only we had good leardership in the country to stop all this Illegal crime.As for the thieves i hope they learn’t their lessons,they are lucky that their not used as burnt sacrificed to Achalla gods.

  6. Is better for them to confess because they are up to something and ask for forgiveness

  7. I know stealing is bad,but just because of a fowl one has to go naked,am not just in support of that at all. Stripping 3 matured boys is very not ok.

  8. i have never been in support of jungle justice…..people tend to kill and abuse people all in the name of punishment instead of handing them to the police… but in this case stripping them naked is too much i mean its a Chicken they should asked them to pay for it instead of stripping them naked…..

  9. Ataka Fortunatus Tobenna

    They have should arrested them and handed them over to the police. they angry mob took laws into their own hands. their action is not problem n therefore, is unconstitutional.

  10. Hmm. Will they say this one is recession?
    Atleast they were beaten so they won’t try such again.

    • Beaten has proven, time and again, ineffective in stopping this kind of a thing from reoccurring, even by same people.

      Of course, punishment for offence should be given out- justice. But then,these boys need reorientation, and they need empowerment because it can be deduced that their action is as a result of hunger.

      • Are you sure?. It could also be as a result of greed. Whatever the case may have been, stripping them naked is really not the right way to handle the situation.

  11. ezeh vivian chinaecherem

    the situation of nigeria now is very bad people are turning into something else some steal just to survive because of lack of food……maybe they stole the fowl to sell it and get money for food….they shouldnt have been disgraced this way….well God will help us in this bad economy of nigeria because alot is happening!

  12. In as much as they committed a crime, i sincerely do not support jungle justice, it’s bad.

  13. Ataka fortunatus Tobenna

    I think, that is the best way to handle such …..because killing them will not eradicate stealing

  14. I think the did what the did because the were hungry or so….but that doesn’t give them the reason to steal a fowl or so, the deserve what happened to them. It will serve as an example to anyone who tries it……


    Well the stealing isn’t nice but the jungle justice of a thing is stupid and outrageous, the government should do something about it…..

  16. Omenuko Adaobi promise

    Just because of fowl. Stripping them naked is not fair,Some Nigerians and jungle justice Self. They do not deserve the treatment given to them..

  17. Ezeakudo mirabel

    Jungle justice again?
    Why didn’t they just take the suspects to the police station……na wa ooo


  18. Ezike Onyeka Emmanuel

    People should stop taking laws into their hands. And stop jungle justice. This boys would have been handed over to the police for persecution and not beaten. Nigeria should grow up.

  19. Onuorah adaeze chidimma

    This is actually a criminal act,they should actually be punished but they shouldn’t be humiliated this way………..the jungle justice been given in this case is indeed a severe one

  20. stealing is really bad .talk more of stealing a chicken

  21. Onuorah adaeze chidimma

    They actually deserve to be punished but not this way…….the act of stealing fowl is actually a minor what about persons who steal higher commodities like phones,laptops this kind of jungle justice should be used as a deterrent from my very own perspective……

  22. This is right not jungle justice

  23. This is a great lesson to other youths of their age..

  24. mbadugha Adaeze Vivian

    what they did was bad,but I don’t think they deserve such punishment,but as for me government should provide a place where handworks will be learned,so that this young ones will not be ideal because like the say an ideal man is the evils workshop.

  25. Nwankwo Deborah ogechi

    This is terrible… All because of one fowl…
    There is hunger in the land..

  26. maybe we should blame it on recession

  27. they do not deserve such treatment although what they did was wrong…the boys should have been reported to the police…

  28. Haba!This is totally wrong,because of 1 fowl ahahn.Jungle justice is illogical and absurd.Although dey did wrong I feel sorry 4 d way dey were treated

  29. Udogu Ogechi Victory

    This is not how to handle a case. The should have taken the boys to the police station and handle it with respect.

  30. They do not deserve to be treated like animals because of just one fowl. Those people had no right to decide the punishment for those boys. They should have handed them over to the right people to decide the most suitable course of action instead of taking laws into their hands. Those people are guilty of molestation, harassment and infringement of human right.They should remember that two wrongs definitely does not make a right. They failed to correct the young men. They will not regret stealing because it is wrong: they will only regret that they were belittled in public.Besides it is not a sure banker thing that disgracing them will prevent future occurrences of theft.

  31. obido chiamaka genevieve

    This is very wrong… I am not saying stealing is a gud thing but even at that the punishment is much.

  32. Even though, it was an act of Stealing, the angry mob should not have taken laws into their hands, reporting them to the nearest police Station would have been better

  33. Ezeifeka Emmanuella

    They were wrong but Excuse me. What have we done to the so called honourables who parade themselves as leaders but steal more than “chicken” change from our country??. Shaking my head right now.


  34. This is serious. It is good for them so that others will learn and flee from stealing


    This is more than JUNGLE JUSTICE
    just 1 fowl????!!!!

  36. Politicians are stealing billions of naira yet theres no form of justice induced on them. Mere fowl nd dis is happening. Nigerian wit our level of literacy still act lyk illitrates. No wander d whites termed us blank monkeys

  37. Uzor Cecilia Ifunanya

    just for a fowl?
    that’s too much and way not necessary.
    They even committed the worse crime

  38. chidozie chiazokam jennifer

    they wouldn’t have taken law into their hands they would involved the government.

  39. nwankwo blessing chinaza

    they really deserve it


    Show of shame;perfect punishment,it should serve as a warning to those who steal from others.

  41. Okoye Mmessoma paschaline

    stealing is stealing whether minor or not……. that serves them right so that others will learn from it

  42. As for me such punishment was extreme and uncalled for. I dont see any reason why they should take laws into their own hands when the police arent there for decoration.
    I dont blame them.The right person to blame is poverty and this dead government.

  43. Heeyah! everyday z 4 d thief, bt one day z 4 d owner of the house. Recession bad! people be living a fast life…

    lolz the fowl spirit strong, e nvr wan die…

  44. Abeg oooo mk dem dy catch dem small small, I no wan come bk hear say dem rob Lodges join oooo….

    dz wan wey dem leave food go dy steal fowl 4 dz recession dem get taste shah….

  45. This is an evil spirit drive. What is one fowl to three matured boys


    Hmmmmm….. It is extreme and barbaric. Tripping them naked is not the best option. What is now the work of the police.

  47. Tripping them naked will not and can never be the best way to stop stealing… It is barbaric. Such a case should be pushed to the police.

  48. obi chikaodili augustine

    this is totally unacceptable because of fowl is there no other way to caution them must they be disgraced like this…is unfair!

  49. they should have been handed over to the police instead of this jungle justice of a thing

  50. stealing is a crime,yes! but should not be handled this way

  51. Chidimma ndubisi

    D beating and d disgrace is too much for dis just fowl,they did nt do the right thing they are very wrong for taking Wot is nt there own,but doing all dis to them is uncalled for.

  52. Hmm so bad,not in support of it all ,they could hv served other punishment nt striping them naked.

  53. Stealing the fowl was nt a good behaviour but at the same time parading them naked is nt the best punishment. This could lead to one of them killing himself due to the embarrassment he received from the act of jungle justice

  54. godwinejedoghaobi

    Godwin Ejedoghaobi

    nawa oh,this is suprising fowl of all things ,I don’t know what this world is turning into
    masscom 200 level

  55. If am to say, the punishment is extreme, they shld have considered less punishment for them, coz those punishing them are not perfect.

  56. Nwobu Chidimma E

    Won’t say stealing is a good thing but beating them up and parading them naked wasn’t the right call,villgers are not to take laws into there hands. We have the police force who are the right ones to handle the situation. Nwobu chidimma 2016054040

  57. They should have been thought a great lesson but not to be stripped

  58. Those boys did not deserve to be disgraced like that. They are humans and should have been treated like so. People should be careful of what they do when they are angry.They should have been sensitive enough to know that if they were in the boys shoes that they wouldn’t like to be treated that way. who knows what led the boys into theft.

  59. Jungle justice is not accepted and Nigeria constitution dose not support it also can never be encouraged so this people should be apprehended and should be taken to the police, if found guilty they should be punished sevierly so that other victims will learn their lessons.

  60. Jungle justice is not justified and was not backed by nigerian constitution.if anybody commited an offence they should be reported to the police nd should be punished

  61. Don’t be surprised if the leader of the mob is found to be a notorious thief, himself. Stealing one fowl lucidly explicates the fact that these boys were pushed to the act by grave hunger as a result of the ramifications of the current economic situation. Of course, any form of thievery for any reason is bad, very bad, but then, one has to consider applying empathy in judging this type of offence and subsequently tamper justice with mercy in adjudicating punishments.Whereas, this is just a misdemeanor…..NO TO JUNGLE JUSTICE.

    Thank God they weren’t lynched to death.

  62. Jungle justice is one of the things our police should be conscious of, because it has claim alot of lives which some of those people killed are innocent, like that of Aluu victims in 2012,apprehending criminals is the work of police,we should stop taking the law by our hands,please.

  63. ikegbunam peter c

    is too foul that they stole. they were allegedly reported to have been stealing people’s fouls and goats for a reasonable number of times now. the security report said that they have been warned to desist from such acts Worthing the community but they wouldn’t listen. this may be a warning to them also.

  64. Lol…Economic recession, just because of one fowl?
    this is horrible, they shouldn’t gone to the extent of striping them

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