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John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships at Stanford! Nigerian Journalists Should Check This Out

This is a very interesting fellowship programme Nigerian Journalists should checkout. You still have enough time to apply for and plan to be part of this programme since application will reopen in fall (later in the year). All you need do now is keep monitoring the website of organizers so that once application reopens you will be among the first to apply.

John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships at Stanford

The JSK Journalism Fellowships supports diverse journalists from around the world who are deeply engaged in exploring solutions to journalism’s biggest problems. We focus on accelerating change in the journalism industry to improve the access to information people need to create and sustain democratic communities.

Being a Fellow


JSK Fellows spend their time at Stanford University exploring solutions to the most urgent challenges facing journalism. They sit in on classes, attend events on campus, connect with experts in the university’s many research institutes and consult innovative thinkers and doers throughout Silicon Valley.

A JSK Fellow’s job during their 10 months at Stanford is to meet a few expectations of the fellowship program and to make the most of the opportunity. The most successful fellows take initiative and seek out people who can help them explore their questions and make connections, even before they arrive at Stanford.

We ask fellows to agree to these conditions:

  • Spend the academic terms in residence at Stanford from September to June.(This means time at Stanford, not in Hawaii, on the road or at home.) Fellows receive long breaks during the fellowship year — most of December and two weeks in March — so we expect them to minimize other time away.
  • Participate fully in JSK activities.This means attending all JSK events and workshops; we have two to three events a week. Some of the most important relationships and learning will happen within the fellowship program itself.
  • Commit to the fellowship rather than to regular professional work.We require fellows to take a leave from their jobs and their freelancing and consulting commitments to devote their energy to the fellowship full time.
  • Focus on the fellowship proposal throughout the year.In addition to our events and some classes at Stanford, fellows work on a challenge facing journalism, which should occupy at least half of their time and energy.
  • Share the fellowship experience and lessons.We expect fellows to share publicly the experiences, work and insights they gain throughout the year, and the results of their efforts near the end of the academic year. We encourage and support that sharing even after the year is over.

Who can be a Fellow?

Please review the eligibility criteria for JSK Fellows below before applying. If you then have questions, email For more information about the stipend and other benefits, see Benefits of a Fellowship.


U.S. applicants typically have at least seven years of full-time professional experience; international applicants typically have at least five years of experience. We will consider less experienced applicants who have outstanding achievements. We do not require applicants to have a college degree.

Professional background

We consider applicants in these categories:

  • Journalists employed by a news organization or freelance journalists.
  • Journalism entrepreneurs and innovators.
  • Journalism business and management executives.

We do not accept applications from people working in public information or public relations jobs, for trade and house newsletters or magazines, for government agencies, or in academic positions.

Applying for a Fellowship

Applications are currently closed. They will reopen in the fall.

You can learn more about our program on the Being a Fellow page, and visit Benefits of a Fellowship to learn more about the support we provide. For eligibility requirements, visit Who can be a Fellow.

Questions? Email us at


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