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Jamila Umar Nagudu, most captivating Kannywood actress

Kannywood industry is one of the most popular local language film industries in Africa. It produces very interesting Hausa language movies enjoyed by fans across the continent, with captivating actors and actresses that keep fans excited on and off the screens. One of the big names behind the big brand called Kannywood is Jamila Umar Nagudu, a multi-talented actress that has become a household name in the industry.

Who is Jamila Umar Nagudu?

Jamila Umar Nagudu is a captivating Kannywood actress easily identified in movies both for her acting skills and charming personality. She is well-known by her stage name is Jamila Nagudu. She was born on August 10, 1986 in Magana gumau Toro local government Area of Bauchi State, Nigeria. Jamila is also known as the ‘Queen of Kannywood’ for her outstanding roles in the Hausa film industry.


Jamila’s acting career began many years ago but came to limelight after she was given a a chance to feature in a movie entitled ‘Jamila da Jamilu’. She was discovered and given a role in the movie by the top producer, Aminu Saira.

Jamila is truly multi-talented. She is among the very few Kannywood actresses that can play any role in any movie. She can play comic and tragic roles perfectly well. This is why she is one of the most sought-after Hausa language movie actresses in Nigeria. She was recognized as “Face of Kannywood” and “Queen of Kannywood industry” at various times due to her acting skills. Her excellent performance has drawn a lot of fans to her.

Jamila has appeared in almost 200 Hausa language movies. Some of her movies are Ya ‘Ya Na N, Alhaki Kwikwiyo 2011, Aska Tara, Bashin Gaba, Biki Buduri, Cikar Burina, Farin Dare 2013, Fataken Dare, Fitilar Dare, Ga Fili Ga Mai Doki, Gamdakatar, Halisa 2013, Haske 2013, Hindu – An African Extra Vagrant 2014, Inda Ranka (Kasha Kallo) 2008, Jamila Mai Wasa Da Kura 2017, Jamila da Jamilu 2009, Jani Jani 2010, Jarumta 2016, Kama Da Wane 2014, Kanin Miji 2014, Kawayen Amarya 2017, Kishiya Ta, Komai Daren Dadewa Wahidin, Laifin Dadi 2011, Larai, Mai Dalilin Aure (Match Maker) 2014, Marayan Zaki, and Masu Aji. Others are Mijina Sani, Muradi 2011, Murmushin Alkawari, Na Hauwa 2014, Nijeriya Da Nijar 2012, Rayuwa Bayan Mutuwa 2013, Sai Na Dawo 1,2,3 2010, Ƙayar Ruwa 2015, Mati A Zazzau 2020, Garba Gurmi, and Maya 2020.


Jamila has been recognized on various accasions due to her exceptional acting skills. She has won several awards and she is also a Globacom ambassador.

Personal Life

Jamila had her primary and secondary education in Bauchi State, Nigeria. After she got married to a man based in Jos, Plateau State, she moved over to that city from Bauchi state to join her husband. The marriage did not last as she got a divorce and she relocated from Jos to Kano. The marriage blessed with a son. Jamila then joined kannywood industry between 2002/2003 with the help of a top director, Malam Aminu Saira.


Jamila is one of the few naturally talented Kannywood actresses that make the industry very exciting. She is a source of inspiration to many upcoming girls who wish to pursue a career in the acting profession.

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