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Jaaruma Biography, Career, Marriage, Controversial Products

One of the most difficult jobs to do is actually the one that is seen as a taboo within the environment where you are doing it. One of such jobs is working as a sex therapist in Nigeria. Sex therapy is a service which many people might need but cannot openly seek in a typical African society. Sex therapy is a form of counseling intended to help individuals and couples take care of sexual challenges such as performance anxiety or relationship problems. It does not necessarily involve any physical contact or sexual activity among clients and therapists. Yet in an African setting it seems to be a no-go area due to cultural restrictions.

So to become a sex therapist in Nigeria is not just a brave job but requires a lot of courage to do. One person who has the skills, requisite knowledge and courage to succeed as a sex therapist in Nigeria is Hauwa Saidu Mohammed popularly known as Jaaruma. She is the most popular, prolific and successful sex therapist in Nigeria. Jaaruma who is sometimes seen as very controversial, has depth knowledge of how people connect, why they get together, and what makes sexual relationships work. These qualities combine in making her the most sought-after sex therapist in Nigeria by high-profile clients within and beyond the shores of the country.

Like many other famous sex therapists around the world, Jaaruma initially struggled to find a place in the society. Even today, she is often met with resistance or criticism but she persisted in spite of these challenges and has become Nigeria’s most successful high-profile sex therapist. Find out more about her and be inspired by the work of this famous sex therapist in Nigeria.

Who is Jaaruma?

Jaaruma whose real name is Hauwa Saidu Mohammed is the most successful and highest paid sex therapist in Nigeria. She is the owner of Jaaruma Empire. She is called different names by fans and clients who see her as a solution provider to sexual difficulties in relationships. People address her based on belief and love for her by calling her Queen Jaaruma, Queen J, The Magician, Therapist, Relationship Expert, Princess or Queen of Ningi, Maami, Marriage Guru, Instablog Owner, P Sweetener and The Luxurious big girl. Depending on where you are or whom you’re discussing with, you might hear her being referred to by any of these names.

Early life

Jaaruma was born on the 26th of October 1993. She hails from Billiri local government area of Gombe state. She attended New Capital nursery and primary school in Asokoro, Abuja and Nigeria International College Wuse 2, Abuja. In 2007, she was admitted into Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria but left after three years to study International Relations and Human Therapy in Istanbul Kultur University, Turkey. She speaks four languages and holds two bachelor degrees.

Entrepreneurship success story

Jaaruma has very inspiring story on her way to the top. Her journey to the top of the entrepreneurship world could inspire anyone. She had her hands on various businesses between 2010 and 2016 before finally stabilizing. Among the range of businesses are selling pots, real estates, dresses, and hair, including starting a YouTube channel. Jaaruma is “honour belgisi” certified (highest CGPA overall). She speaks four languages, has two bachelor degrees, double majors, and is Nigeria most trusted, most successful and well known brand. She is the true definition of beauty and brains. On the 12th of may 2016, Jaaruma made a video teaching Nigerians about the therapeutic advantages of Azanza Garckeana also known as snot apple, mutohwe, African chewing gum, gorontula, tula kolanut or morojwa. The video was a huge success and the product has since become a must have for most Nigerians.

Jaaruma registered her brand with the corporate affair commission (CAC) and went on to build an empire. She began from the scratch and built an empire that is one of the most inspiring success stories in Nigeria’s business sector. She studied and mastered silky kola with lakanin ningi (SKMLN) for over three years before sending it out for free trials in the 36 states of Nigeria and finally releasing it to the general public on the 23rd of April 2017. One of her products – Goron Jaaruma kill them all (GJX) – is a very huge success in the market. Reports have it that she grosses over ten million naira every month from selling her products to men and women. She is truly a good example of someone who worked out a good business idea and made it a reality.


Jaaruma is also known for her philanthropic activities. She has paid school fees, given fertilizers for farmers, food to rural dwellers, youth empowerment programmes, numerous giveaways on her Instagram page, donation of one million naira for the cancer treatment of an eight year old boy to the charity organisation of the famous Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh, creation of job opportunities and over one hundred staff to her name.

Jaaruma once made the news for very controversial reasons after she promised to gift one of the Big Brother Naija 2019 housemates, Tacha, the sum of N50 million only to renege on that promise. This was hugely controversial, making her trend for days on social media. Jaaruma had announced that she will be giving Tacha 50 million Naira after the housemate was shockingly disqualified from the ongoing Big Brother Naija Reality TV show. Jaaruma appealed to Nigerians to stop passing derogatory remarks against the Tacha. In a video posted on her page, Jaaruma showed wads of UAE Dirham notes in bundles of 10,000 dirhams, which she said is the equivalent of N50million. But Jaaruma reneged on this promised and deleted the video from her Instagram page. 14 days after she made that promise, the CEO of Jaaruma Empire broke her silence and explained why she withdrew her promise. Jaaruma who took to her Instagram page to explain that she had earlier assisted Tacha with N1million donated by her followers but the BBNAija housemate didn’t show gratitude. Jaaruma then shared a receipt of the N500K she sent to another housemate, Esther and was happy that this time, the house mate showed appreciation.

Advice on how to keep a man

Jaaruma believes her therapy is the secret to successful marriage. She never sees herself as a beautiful lady but says it is not beauty alone that keeps a man. Here’s what she said in an interview with Vanguard; “Ugly face with sweet genital, upgraded one and Jaarumatized one too can help your relationship and marriage. If you get divorced tree times and marry three times, that’s your fault.”


Jaaruma is said to be married to her long term partner Fahad R Isabor whom she dated for six years and already had two children with before their marriage. But shortly after the wedding which was said to have been quietly held with only very close friends and family members on September 9, 2018, the social media exploded with reports that the wedding was fake.

Rumour mongers said the wedding was staged and it was merely a publicity stunt. For a long time, Jaaruma kept the identity of her mystery groom a secret. What she always released was his name – Fahad R Isabor. But when the controversy grew she had to show her husband’s face, in an Instagram post.

Jaaruma had said she was married into the great family of the Isabors and her husband is wealthy and eligible Fahad R. Isabor. But a northern blogger, Arewa Instablog, came after her with damning allegations. The blogger claimed Jaaruma’s elaborate wedding ceremony was a sham. The blogger went on to say that her supposed wealthy husband was her Personal Assistant. It was further alleged that Jaaruma was compelled to act out the fake marriage because being single was affecting product sales. She was forced to answer questions why a woman who sold love potions to get a man was still single. There is yet no evidence to prove that the wedding was fake, so officially, Jaaruma is married to Fahad Isabor.

Controversial products

Jaaruma’s work is not without controversies. The sex therapist is sometimes described as founder of “the notorious Jaaruma empire”. Her business is described this way due to the kind of products she sells. The self-acclaimed ‘Cleopatra of Nigeria’ is a major seller of the ‘Kayan Mata’ aphrodisiac. An aphrodisiac is a substance that increases sexual desire, sexual pleasure, or sexual behaviour. That’s what Jaaruma is very popular for and extremely successful in selling. ‘Kayan Mata’ is a herbal aphrodisiac from northern Nigeria which allegedly makes a woman’s vagina sweeter, therefore keeping her man glued to her. Jaaruma Empire claims that her brand of ‘Kayan Mata’ reduces infidelity and infertility issues. This means that she is a major seller of ‘herbal’ love potions. In addition to the aphrodisiacs, Jaaruma sells good luck charms to wade off the evil eye.

Jaaruma has encountered serious altercations with some women who claimed her products were not doing what she claimed they did. It was reported that the controversial sex therapist went into war with women who had allegedly exposed her pack lies. The women in question had insinuated that Jaaruma was swindling ladies in the name of Kayan Mata and good luck charms. The sex therapist did not take it lying down and she called them several unprintable names on her Instagram page. Hostilities spilled over until the police got involved and Jaaruma was arrested and later released.

Well, the controversies seemed not to have affected her sales. From her images on social media there is evidence that business is good because she constantly shows off expensive designer bags and wads of cash.

Consultancy fees

Jaaruma has thousands of subscribers to her jaaruma empire app, YouTube channel and instagram. This is where she provides a detailed explanation of what all her products do. She once put up a flier advertising her services where she gave out her fees to include One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000) for phone consultation, Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N200,000) for face to face consultation and Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500,000) for home service strictly for women. Though this generated controversy among some social media users who felt she was charging way too much, it also explains the high-profile nature of her clients as not many can afford these fees. Jaaruma is someone who loves food, designers bags, shoes, jewelries, luxurious vacations, and luxury destinations.


Jaaruma has become an inspirational figure who overcame difficulties to project the field of sex therapy in Nigeria; and she continues to influence it today. This young brave lady inspires and encourages all women to stop hawking on the streets, get educated and grow mentally and physically. She might be seen as controversial by many but her journey to the top has made her a role model to many young ladies though they may not admit that in public.


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