It’s A Taboo For A Married Igbo Woman To Fart In The Presence Of Her Husband – Nigerian Lady (Video)

A Nigerian lady identified as Lisar NJ Kanu has stirred controversy on social media with her traditional views on dos and don’ts of married women of the Igbo tribe.

Lisar Kanu shared a video on her Facebook in which she listed some Taboos for every married Igbo woman that wants to ensure a peaceful and happy marriage/relationship.

According to her, it is a taboo for a married Igbo woman to fart in the presence of her husband. But if such happens, the woman is expected to tender an immediate apology to her husband.

She said that failure to tender an apology in the olden days often resulted in the wife being sent back to her parents’ home for more training on how to be a wife.

Lisa went on to emphasize that it is only the man that is allowed to fart in front of her and the children, and that when he does, she must go on her knees and start hailing him with different Igbo praise names. She says women are to give men respect for farting in front of them.

She also stated that it very wrong for a woman to drink alcohol in the presence of her husband. According to her, a wife is only allowed to drink non-alcoholic beverages, and any man that allows his wife to drink bear in his presence is a weak man.

Watch video below;

Her opinion has ignited a serious debate on social media with some people saying she’s right, while others said she’s talking trash.


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