Introduction to Mass Communication: Principles and Theories by AJC Igbozuruike and Agwu. A. Ejem

Title: Introduction to Mass Communication: Principles and Theories (Second Edition)

Author:  AJC Igbozuruike, Ph.D

                Agwu. A. Ejem, Ph.D

Year of Publication: 2019

Publisher: Shack Publishers Nigeria

Pages: 242

Brief Info:

To introduce a study or anything means to make somebody aware of them for the
first time, or give somebody a first experience of them. That means, in the study of
mass communication, foundation is important. It is an extended field of study that
requires the students to get full grasp of the basics. That is why this book comprises topics that are considered fabrics to which various pieces of mass communication are sewn up in a patchwork. They include: communication, types, levels and functions, communication noise, mass communication, mass media, models of communication, theories of mass communication and various adjuncts of the mass media such as the news agencies, advertising, public relation and soon. The book is useful to communication scholars, students of mass communication and general readers.

Table of Contents

1. Communication

2. Types,  Levels and Functions of Communication

3. Communication Noise

4. Mass Communication

5. Mass Media

6. Print Media

7. Electronic Media

8. Historical Development of the Traditional Mass Media

9. Mass Communication as a Social Force

10. Media Literacy

11. Model of Communication

12. Theories of Mass Communication

13. Eras of Mass Communication

14. Issues of Communication

15. Adjuncts of Mass Communication

16. New Media System of Communication

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The Author

Chinenye Nwabueze

Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.

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