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INTERVIEW: What I plan to do after winning BBNaija — Mercy

Three months ago, Mercy Eke, was just a regular video vixen trying to find her feet in the Nigerian showbiz industry. Her story changed on Sunday when she made history as the first female winner of Big Brother Naija.
PREMIUM TIMES interviewed her at an event in Lagos and she spoke about her speak about life after BBNaija.

PT: Why did audition for BBNaija ‘Pepper Dem’ edition?

Mercy: I entered the reality show because of my personality. I have auditioned four times and I got lucky the fifth time. From the first time I watched the show, I fell in love with it and wanted to be a housemate. So, even countless times when they said no to me it didn’t stop me from still going for auditions. I think God already ordained this year for me, so, I auditioned and I was chosen. I didn’t even notice people like me or voted for me that’s why I said winning Big Brother is a dream come true. I auditioned in Warri and got picked.
PT: Do you think falling in love in the house played a major role in your winning?

Mercy: No, I don’t think so. In the first place, I never wanted a relationship. I came, I wanted to play this game alone. I was single and it was obvious until the time I started dating Ike around the sixth week in the house. That was when we started bonding.

PT: At what point did it dawn on you that you might actually win?
Mercy: There was no point. All I was doing was just enjoying myself. Every one of us had strong personalities and were potential winners. There was no point I thought I was going to win.

PT: Are you ready to handle the price of fame?

Mercy: God has been my biggest help and I think these days, all I need is the grace of God to continue from here. If God grants me his grace, I’ll be fine.
PT: What is the biggest sacrifice you made to get into the house?

Mercy: Nothing, traveling all the way to Warri to go and audition.

PT: Let’s talk about your fight with Tacha. Was it your game plan?

Mercy: It wasn’t a game plan. I think both of us had anger issues; we allowed anger to take the most of us. It was a downtime for me.
PT: Have you reached out to her since the show ended?

Mercy: Yes, I have. Remember, the first fight was a family fight but things happen and you just show your reaction, we are humans, then you come back to your sense. I think that’s what happened between Tacha and I. It hasn’t changed the fact that we are still friends. Like you guys will be seeing us really soon, together, yes.

PT: Ex-BBNaija winner, Uti, said he shared his winnings with his fellow housemates. So, are you going to do the same?
Mercy: The game is the winner takes it all.

PT: How will describe your dress sense?

Mercy: I like to look comfortable and confident in whatever I put on. The occasion determines what I wear. I love fashion a lot and I make sure that I am comfortable with what I wear. I have different clothes for different occasions which determine what I wear. I have a fashion line and a luxury line. I called it luxury not because they are that expensive but because it looks expensive. We can dress well and look luxurious without much money.
PT: If you could, what would you take away from the house?

Mercy: I’ll take away the cameras.

PT: Some people say you enlarged your bum?

Mercy: People are allowed to doubt, I don’t think I have any statement on that. They can say whatever they want to say about that. It’s good and I’m actually enjoying my bum.

PT: What becomes of your relationship with Ike now that the show is over?
Mercy: Ike is my type of guy. I like my guys strong. I like them hard. I don’t like soft guys. I want to do everything with Ike. I want him to bring his A-game. I want to work with Ike. Ike is very ambitious, and that’s my kind of man. He compliments me. He will push me and I will push him. I am looking forward to working with him. We will do a lot of things together.

(Source: Premium Times)

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