Thursday , May 26 2022

Interesting! See Trending Pre-wedding Photos Nigerian Man To Marry Two Women In Delta State

This is the trending post of a man from Delta state identified as Mr. Daniel Etoroma a.k.a Akalaka who is set to marry two women in Orie-Irri, Isoko South on Saturday 30th September, 2017.

Daniel’s pre-wedding pictures were on shared on Facebook by MC Udeke who wrote;

It will happen life and direct at Orie-Irri as Mr. Daniel Etoroma aka AKALAKA humbly invites you to his wives excursion ceremony on Saturday 30th September, 2017.

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Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.

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  1. Lol.. all i can see here are just three male human being.. hehee,happy married life to them..

  2. No i won’t share my man with another woman and if i eventually wil, i can never be proud to post such a thing on social media because I’ve got family members who look up to me for the best…

  3. they are happy together,tho I can’t share my husband with anyone but the two women must have a cordial relationship and agreement between them


    Are they Christians?
    1 man 1 wife

  5. Omenuko Adaobi Promise

    I prefer One man one wife, Marriage is a sacred and wonderful thing, it should be between a man and a woman not two as for me I can’t share

  6. This is crazy…

    Wish them happy married life sha

  7. I can’t even imagine myself having a fellow wife in my marriage,, not talk of posting a threesome marriage online,, anyways God knows why the two girls agreed to marry this man,, there must be a reason after it,, and I think people Should stop interfering, afterall they made the decision themselves.

  8. lol both the women look like farmers

  9. This man has just dug his early grave,two wives two bags of trouble

  10. I won’t share and I won’t post either because nobody will be proud to be called a second wife and it’s not what the whole world should know about

  11. I can’t shear my man with any fucking woman in this world because am a jealous lover. I can’t bear that. talk more or posting nonsense pictures on social media.

  12. Firstly I can’t share my man with anyother woman for whatsoever reason.. not to dare of posting it on social media….
    “HELL NO” that’s absolutely out of it❌

    Secondly,This habit of freely going about nosing around people’s businesses,choices and lifestyles WITHOUT their permission is very disturbing and definitely impolite
    Let people be, you won’t die if you generously let others enjoy their own privacy,Even when it’s being discussed in the public!!!

  13. I can never shear my man with any woman because is not done that way and privacy is needed

  14. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    I’m a ride with you till the wheels come off type of chick, a fighter and one in a life time kind of girl, so therefore I don’t like to share my friends now to talk of my man… I’ll cut a b**ch… Secondly this man is trying to advertise his stupidity by putting his crazy act on display so we shouldn’t blame him cos he needs help… If we should make a research on this matter off cos we would come to know this man is damn broke but has decided to go for double trouble πŸ™„πŸ™„

  15. DEBORAH Nwankwo... 2016054130

    No i won’t share my man with another woman and if i eventually wil, i can never be proud to post such a thing on social media because I’ve got family members who look up to me for the best…

  16. Amene chidera doris

    I cannot share my man with any woman and can’t post such on social media.I maintain my private life.

  17. Wow!……i can never be proud to post something like this on social media,well they have their life to live.

  18. choice differs thou. but to me,i can’t share my man with another woman not to talk of posting pictures on social media.

  19. this is so funny…. only God knows what the marriage will be like.. God take over

  20. ugochukwu ifeoma Juliet

    Juliet ugochukwu 2016054037
    sincerely speaking, I can’t share my man ,in fact this is a peaceful war at first, cos all I can see here are 3 individuals putting on a red clothes that signifies danger. marrying two wives doesn’t work in this generation, it’s just an invitation to untimely death

  21. I believe this man must have his reasons for getting married to two ladies at a time….but wait oo! these ladies are trying sha,cant share my man with another woman not to talk of posting it on social networt…hapi married life to them sha

  22. okeke chiamaka gabriella

    what kind of woman is willing to share her husband….. well I can’t even share my man talk more of being a second wife…

  23. Oh my, some women can tolerate sharr, with all my worth and everything I can’t imagine been a second wife not to think of letting my husband marry another woman, its either me or her, he must choose o….

  24. female population is more than that of the male so congrats as una don catch una own

  25. Iloegbunem Emily Ebele

    What I am seeing Is a man, wife and mother in-law…Happy Married life to them though …

  26. Their is a saying that goes like this if a man does not smoke,he drinks,if he dose not drink he womanize. So this man is an womanizer cause he wants to marry 2 wires at a time.

  27. I will definitely not share my man with another. I strongly believe in one man one wife. Again I don’t think it’s right to nose into other people’s matters unless my opinion is asked.

  28. Ezeifeka Emmanuella

    I can’t even share a boyfriend, not to talk of husband. To top it all, Both women are aware of this. How would they explain to their kids please?. I really don’t understand what our society is turning into.

  29. God almighty would never allowed it to happen,I can’t try such it, sharing a man with another woman,talk of posting pictures of the woman and man with me

  30. How can I share my man with another woman and be proud of that it’s really not proper. for me that’s not reasonable there’s no way one will see such and mind their business oooo

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