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Inspirational! Pregnant doctor suffers miscarriage while delivering a patient’s baby – but insists on completing the surgery

A pregnant doctor suffered a miscarriage while delivering a patient’s baby – but insisted on completing the surgery, it has emerged.

Mervat Mohamed Talaat was performing caesarean surgery at Luxor General Hospital in Cairo in Egypt when she reported pain and started bleeding.

But she refused to walk away from the procedure and insisted on staying to help the mother she was treating.

Talaat, who worked at the obstetrics and gynecology department, waited until her patient’s baby was safely delivered before handing over to another doctor.

She was then taken out of the operating theatre and transferred to another room at the hospital.

According to local reports, Talaat’s pregnancy was ectopic where the feotus grows outside of the uterus.

There were calls in Egypt for the doctor’s act to be recognised by the state.

Chairman of the Luxor Doctors Syndicate Ahmed Hamza said the group would also honour Talaa for her selflessness.

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    Take heart Ma. God knows the best why it happened.

  2. Ataka Fortunatus Tobenna

    selflessness service. God will reward her.

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