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Innovative! Secondary School Orders Students To Wear White Dress and Bathroom Slippers To Exam Hall To Prevent Malpractice

You may be wondering what wearing white dress and white bathroom slippers has to do with examination malpractice. But that is because you have not read this piece. A student provides this personal experience article of how her school successfully fought exam malpractice by instructing students to always wear white clothes and white bathroom slippers to exam hall. Find out how it worked.

Innovative Way To Fight Exam Malpractice

Written By Eva Nwobu

Is there still need of studying in this country? Attending school nowadays is it still crucial? Reading and studying hard in order to pass one’s exam are they still possible in this country? Being anxious about one’s Examination is it still prevailing among the students of this country.  Our youths are no longer studying their books because miracles are happening in their various examination halls.

Examination malpractice has spontaneously dominated many of the Nigeria schools including private and missionary schools, That is why my school has decided to shun examination malpractice by implementing that all students writing WAEC, NECO and GCE should appear in all  white gown and white bathroom slippers.

St. John of God Girls Secondary school Awka is one of the best schools I have seen that makes serious effort towards curbing examination malpractice especially in external exams Such WAEC, NECO etc.

The school after much ponder finally came up with the idea that  candidate who are willing to write their external exams in the school  will be  wearing white gown and white bathroom slippers for the examination, the reasons being that if the students are allowed to wear school shoes they may hide materials in it and if they are allowed to put on school uniform some of them would write down answers on their uniforms that was why the idea was brought up to help and enable them shun examination malpractice. As a missionary school, they want to set example for other schools and also to teach their students the need to study hard and not to depend on examination malpractice.

Due to this development, some of the exam candidates try to device other means to continue in malpractice. Some perforate small holes on their desks and chairs while some put pockets in the white gown to enable them hide in their expo, but before every exam teachers and Invigilators go round checking desks, chairs and windows and also carry out inspection on the students before letting them in for the examination. This system indeed has been one of the weapons to shun and wipe off exam malpractice among students. It is really working and I think other schools should try it out.


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