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Inhuman! Viewing Centres look like Goat houses, Shrines, Poultry Houses

Viewing centre in Achalla
Viewing centre
Poultry house

Football viewing centres are everywhere in the nook and crannies of Nigeria. We agree that these centres are ready sources of income for those who operate them and this is good for our country especially in these difficult times.

But what is unacceptable is the nature of some viewing centres. Some operators of viewing centres have no regard for the welfare of football fans who visit such centres to watch their club’s matches. The operators are only interested in the money they collect from fans. Some viewing centres look like goat houses, some like poultry houses, always looking dirty. Some others look like shrines and brothels. Some operators build their viewing centres in the middle of nowhere with rag-tag materials as if it is a place kidnappers keep their victims. Others convert the next available uncompleted building, abandoned farm land, spaces under high-tension wires and mechanic villages into viewing centres having little or no ventilation. We wonder why there is no national body that regulates operations of viewing centres and also does quality check on the health and environmental safety of these centres.

This is wrong! Europe is where you have the football clubs that have a lot of fans in Nigeria who are willing to go to viewing centres to watch their clubs play. Now that the football season is over across Europe we call on operators of football viewing centres to, as a matter of urgency, reconstruct their facilities and make them fit for human existence. An average fan spends between N8,000 to N10,000 each football league season watching games in viewing centres at N50 per game (don’t forget that some centres charge N100 per game). When you add up the weekend and mid-week games, including Champions league, Europa league, Capital One cup, and FA cup games you see that these people are making a fortune from you and should give you the best.

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What do you think about this issue? Can you differentiate between the viewing centres in the pictures and the poultry? What do you think these viewing centres look like?

Viewing centre or shrine? Guess !
Viewing centre, shrine, or mechanic workshop? Guess!

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  1. A viewing center is meant to be comfortable for people but these viewing center is out of place.It is advisable for people to abstain from such unhygienic environment (box) all in the name of watching football match.
    Reg no:2016054018
    quiz No:83
    Group: 5

  2. This is horrible, seriously there’s no difference between this picture it’s so dirty sticking inshort I’m short of words.

  3. Is not meant to be,this viewing centre is uncomfortable and is also surrounded by bushes which may be very dangerous

  4. Lol.. in this country nothing is been taking serious!! what they know is too come and watch their ball and get out.. they have no business whether your viewing centre is clean or not.. funny!

  5. This viewing center is really not it

    This kind of environment isn’t good to be called a viewing center

    Viewing center is a relaxable place, somewhere hygienic and comfortable.

    Quiz no 73
    Group 4

  6. chidume happiness

    This is ridiculous. And unacceptable for human health, viewing centres is meant to be comfortable, clean and hygiene. Not like a pig house. Quiz no 102

  7. To me it looks like a poultry,so very unkept and dirty,i wonder how they all fit in to watch the game in that unkept place.
    Quiz no:72
    Group 1

  8. A viewing center should be comfortable and well kept,i wonder why this is the opposite.
    Group 8
    Quiz number 97

  9. poultry indeed!!! This viewing center is nothing to write home about,and our guys won’t take note of the environment probably cause they have accepted the fact that they are trained chickens… lol

  10. Agina Gloria Ebele

    I advice the owners of these viewing centres to reconstruct it and make it more conducive for viewing because it really looks like a poultry. Quiz no(76)

  11. Viewing center should be properly maintained and should also be kept clean always…. But this viewing center looks like abandoned shrine.

  12. This viewing center really looks like a goat house.people should abstain from such environment. 2015054063.

  13. Ezenwajiugo Somto Prosper

    my dear no matter the environment that the viewing center is,people will still go and watch matches there…watch your match and forget some sorrows…FOOTBALL IS LIFE..(GROUP 10… QUIZ NO 33

  14. such centres like this are supposed to be banned from using..because a centre for viewing is supposed to be a comfortable place and not like this!..
    reg no:2016054129

  15. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    Gosh,centres like this re meant to be closed cos it’s a health hazard to people even football maniacs lol

  16. this viewing is not even conducive for human begins more or less animal,the place is so dirty and unkept, and am bordered. quiz no 7

  17. Erokwu crystal chinelo

    Lol its actually nobody’s fault,because it is now viewed as a place for lazy people owing to the present economic situation. People now look for more important things to do.

  18. Erokwu crystal chinelo

    Lol its actually nobody’s fault,because it is now viewed as a place for lazy people owing to the present economic situation. People now look for more important things to do.
    Group number: 15
    Quiz number: 20

  19. Hmmm.let me ask a question, how can a normal human being stay their just to watch?what rubbish! a disgusting place, they should just push it down abeg
    Quiz no: 9
    Group: 15A

  20. Nwankwo Deborah Ogechi , 2016054130,group 2

    Too bad they are still living a primitive life,Anyways when it comes to watching football match the venue and environment matters less….

  21. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    There is no difference between this viewing centre and a poultry. How do people even stay here and watch match comfortably? A Viewing centre should be clean and comfortable for the viewers.
    quiz no 125

  22. lol. …”others look like shrines” this got me laughing endlessly. Well can’t say much bc am nt a fan of an football club .
    quiz no 124
    group 14

  23. Iloegbunem Emily Ebele

    Man must survive…in other to survive they make up such places for their business,but as time goes on and business improves the place for sure will be renovated and made more comfortable.

  24. vivian ezeh chinaecherem

    hahahaha this viewing center looks horrible….those people should please upgrade it it actually looks like shrine at achala lolzz

  25. Anyway all this are medicine after death cus talk about it from today till tomorrow people will still be going to watch the football at this type of center and also there is some good centers with good facilities just that people choose were they can afford to pay… So is not a problem cus people that have their cash don’t smell such places…

  26. Ebeledike ifunanya love

    I think such center should be reconstructed and these people that goes to such viewing centers are trying

  27. A viewing center is supposed to be comfortable for viewers. But this viewing center is not safe and it’s uncomfortable for viewers the worst part of it all is that people will still go there to watch football.
    Group. 13

  28. okeke chiamaka gabriella

    A poultry is even better than this .this viewing centre is so unkept and it looks like where they rear pigs

  29. pls is this one viewing centres or shrines that is still under construction?….. just tire red cloths and palmfronds then its a full blown shrine.

  30. This viewer center is something else,is not good enough for people to stay saying that they are watching football,there should be better place for such not in this dirty environment
    Quiz no 120

  31. it is their means of income but they should try all possible means to improve on their business place.

  32. Lolzzzz, d fact is we Nigerians don’t care abt d environment so far we re getting wat we want, but I wonder how they condole d smell from d poultry house
    quiz no:118
    group no:6
    reg no: 2016054050


    Desperate football fans don’t always look for a VERY COMFORTABLE place to watch the match

  34. Only football freaks van find themselves in such awful places.
    Group no:10

  35. These places look like pigs’sty. The viewing centers are like that because the people that are entertained there do not complain.They should protest on the state of these centers to elicit change.

  36. that place needs to be rebuilt.. it should be comfortable.. unlike what is been called where Goats live
    quiz no 129

  37. I’m highly dissapointed. Viewing centre indeed.
    Quiz no:156

  38. lol..being confortable or not,the question is,is there enough space to jump up and celebrate a goal

    quiz no:29

  39. Seriously? people pay money to go in there? quiz no 8 group 11.

  40. viewing centres should be a comfortable place..they should work on it
    quiz no:94

  41. lazarus kelvin chidiebube

    actually,this is a viewing center but the environment is not ok and needs to be placed to order.

  42. ojimba ogochukwu o

    this is bad but it’s not their fault bc the student can not afford for excutive places

  43. Igwe emmaunella ifunanya

    seriously this is unbelievable

  44. ndubisi Chidimma Lilian 2016054080

    Wot did dey said dat here is for, can’t believe dis,they should do something abt it because it is meant to relax and nt dis.

  45. achalla! no wonder. who knows, probably the villagers enjoy it this way. we can’t say.

    reg no. 2016054109
    quiz no. 99

  46. the viewing center is supposed to be comfortable because pple pay to watch tv. so owner are to work on making their viewing center comfortable

  47. the owners should improve in their standard of comfort not only to gain their profit 2016054017

  48. Ridiculous.viewing centre should be a comfortable place but this place is the vise versa. pls let the owners do something about it.
    quiz no64

  49. Its really bad,isn’t one meant to be comfortable while watching the match? Truly there is no difference between this viewing centre and a poultry. The environment should be conducive for fans.
    Quiz no 101
    Group 9

  50. This is not hygienic at all
    Its very bad

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