Tuesday , January 31 2023

Industrial Training Café! Weekly Meetings (MAC 372)

We have noticed that so many students have not provided required information for the monitoring exercise to begin. Well, we are going ahead with the few students we already have. The poor attitude to Industrial Training (IT) has been reported to the Head of Department so those students who are taking this exercise for granted, to you I say no wahala.

For those of you who are serious we’ll compile your names and forward to the department once the weekly monitoring is over. Your name could be forwarded earlier than expected if your participation in the meetings is convincing.

The whatsapp aspect of the exercise begins tomorrow. So between tomorrow and Wednesday you’ll be told by the online and offline course reps when to get ready for the first meeting. Here are the basic requirements;

You MUST get a photo of yourself in the office (not in the field carrying out an assignment). The first exercise is to ensure that you even know the location of the organization where you claim to be doing the IT. Get a photo of yourself outside the office complex so we can see the name of the organization. We prefer group photograph with your colleagues you’re working with as further proof you did not photoshop your image into the office photo. Only those who are alone in an organization should send single photo. Group photos will assist the IT coordinator in scheduling unannounced physical visits to the venue either in person or through someone who stays in the state we cannot immediately reach.

After taking the photo outside the building you then move into the office where you were given a seat to take another one. This proves that the place is not an abandoned building or special poultry farm where people buy chicken they sell in Nkwo Awkuzu. You will provide these photos before we begin the question aspect and video evidence sessions in subsequent meetings. You can’t beat us in this game. You think you’re wise. Even if you want to dodge the IT you MUST show face somehow at your work place or you’ll be told by the department to repeat the IT.

Time for the whatsapp quiz will be made available to you. Just get ready for Tuesday and Wednesday.

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  1. Ifeanachor Kingsley

    this is seriouo oooo……. mass communication!

  2. Ifeanachor Kingsley

    this is seriouo oooo……. mass Communication…..

  3. we die here ooo

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