Wednesday , January 19 2022

Indian Woman Breastfeeding Baby Deer Goes Viral, Described As “Great Mother”

She is being described as a great mother by some internet users.

A picture of a Bishnoi woman breastfeeding a baby deer in Jodhpur has gone viral on social media.

The internet is delighted to see the image that was shared by an Indian Forest Service (IFS) Officer on Twitter.

The picture of the woman breastfeeding a fawn went viral on social media as the internet is delighted to see it. IFS (Indian Forest Service) Officer Parveen Kaswan tweeted the picture that shows a woman from the Bishnoi community in Jodhpur holding the baby deer like a human child while breastfeeding it.

“This is how #bishnoi community in Jodhpur cares for animals. These lovely animals are no less than children to them. A lady feeding one,” an excerpt from Parveen Kaswan’s tweet reads.

The image has been shared over 1000 times while it garnered around 4,300 likes within a day of being shared online. Netizens, meanwhile, cannot stop applauding the woman and said: “This is beautiful. Totally appreciate that lady, a great mother.”

Terming it as a “Godly act,” another user wrote: “People in villagers do care their pet – goats, cows, buffaloes, rabbits, dogs, cats, parrots as their kids; they have even got names for each one of them. But doing something like this is way above humanitarian grounds- Godly infact.”

Several people have responded with heart emoticons for the picture. What do you think about it?

(India today)

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  1. This is the greatest I have heard of, I know a man who cares for his dog like he is a human being he goes about with his dog in front of d car.even when his dog died he buried it with a coffin.According to him the dog has a memory with him.

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