Indecent and Shameless! Nigerian Pastor Olubori Blasted For Grabbing Prophetess Breasts In Public


Though they are husband and wife, their action in public has been described as a show of shame.

Two UK based Nigerian Ministers of the gospel, Prophetess Olajuwon Olubori and her husband known as the Father of all Nations were condemned on Instagram by many Nigerians after their ‘indecent’ and ‘shameless’ action.

The Ministers who have always prided themselves on being the model couple gave often used the social media to show how happy and content they are in their marriage even after two decades and six children.

Hence, the several public display of affection like checking into hotels, kissing each other for the camera and many more acts.

This new photo posted by the Prophetess however got the couple bashed on Instagram this morning.

In the picture where both were smiling for the camera, the Prophet help the Bosom s of his wife, the prophetess in a firm grip as a sign of love while the shots were fired! See social media users reaction below:


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