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Inculturation! Catholic Fellowship Gets New Igwe

The new Igwe and Lolo NFCS

Written by Emmanuel Ojiego

The term inculturation may sound strange to you. But that is what the President of Nigeria Federation of Catholic Students (NFCS), Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU), Igbariam campus, Christian Okonkwo used to describe the practice where a church fellowship has its own Igwe and Lolo.

On Friday, May 19, the NFCS held cultural day which was part of the activities of the group marking this year’s NFCS week. During the cultural day, a new Igwe and his lolo were crowned. The new Igwe is Christian Kelechukwu Analikwu, a student of Agric department while the new Lolo is Ifesinachi Ekwuonu, a 300 level student of English Education department.

As people wondered what an Igwe and a Lolo will be doing in a Christian gathering, followed by drum beaters and flute blowers, the President of NFCS, M. Okonkwo explained that the church practices what is called inculturation whereby they acquire cultures of other people and at the same time, try to impact the church teachings on those people.

This sounds like an innovative evangelism strategy. So what do you think? Are we going to be having bible-carrying titled men preaching the word? This will be great o. How do you see this innovation?

Coronation of New Igwe and Lolo NFCS


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  1. its actually cool but to me does not make sense

  2. It is good to do inculturation in church because it is a way of acquire other peoples culture so that church teachings will impact on those people .More Greece to ur elbow.
    quiz 12

  3. keep it up my NFCS at least to tell people that culture is good thing.
    quiz no:52,group: 12

  4. ukaegbu nkeonyere ifunanya

    hmm this one is a very big confusion in the church of God. how can we be calling ourselves Christian that is Christ like : and we are indulging into cultural acts which might even involve charms for our safety and by so doing we have disobeyed God. let’s remember one of God’s commandement that says do not have any other God accept me because that day masquerade even paraded round the school community because of the cultural day, this is quiet unfair if we are sure we want to serve God let’s serve him in honesty and truth so that when the trumpet sounds we will be at the right hand side of the father. let’s also remember that we give what belongs to ceasser to ceasser and what belongs to God to God. please let’s do what is good and acceptable in the site of God.

    group 12
    quiz no 62
    regular no 2015304008

  5. Wow! this is indeed a great innovation because all works and no play makes jack a dull boy that is to say that there shouldn’t be all prayers without culturally motivating people on how well they should live their life.
    I totally support this innovation, as for who thought of this idea…Kudos to you

  6. obiegbu onyinye Patricia

    traditions and Christianty which one are we going for, if it’s Christianity let’s go, if it’s tradition let’s go. it’s high time we stop fooling ourselves and do what is right am not in support of that lolo and igwe in a Christian gathering.

    quiz no 61
    regular no 2015304007
    group 12

  7. To me I saw it as a nice something because it is not education we came to do in this school
    Group no 15
    Quiz no 57

  8. It is a way of promoting culture in the church. The catholic church adopts the Igbo culture that brings peace to the entire masses.
    quiz no: 60,group no:12.

  9. As pleasant and cheering this “inculturation” thing might sound, we as true Christians shouldn’t forget that our Lord Jesus Christ should be our Model and not the religious/church leaders. Before we jump into adopting this “inculturation” let’s pause for a while and think about what the Bible says or teaches about mixing tradition with religion. It does’t matter what the church practices or adopts to practice, the question we should ask ourselves is “what’s the biblical view point of what the church adopts to practice ?” because the church can not practice what the God and our Lord Jesus Christ frowns at and still claim to be followers of Christ. In John 18:36 Jesus said that “My Kingdom is no part of this world. If my Kingdom were part of this world, my attendants would have fought that I should not be handed over to the Jews. But as it is, my Kingdom is not from this source.” so why are we as Christians bringing in worldly practices into the house of God?
    After Jesus fed about 5,000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish, the people were astonished and they wanted to make him king but the book of John 6:15 says that “Then Jesus, knowing that they were about to come and seize him to make him king, withdrew again to the mountain all alone.” the question we should ponder over is “why did Jesus withdrew to the mountain to avoid being crown as King?” the answer is simple, because he’s not of the world, and we as Christians should shun away from imbibing traditional and worldly practices into the house of God/ gathering of God’s people all in the name of evangelism. May God help us to understand his word through Christ our Lord, amen.

  10. Emechebe chiamaka precious

    the fact remain that we are still proud of our traditions nd we to God wat belongs to God,nd our culture wat belongs to it. 159
    group 15a

  11. Nice because its not only to acquire education that bring US pass through school and school wil pass 15b..56

  12. if am ask I will say it a good thing


    Wow nice one keep it up, To me a Nice something that we are still proud of our traditions and culture.
    Group 15
    Quiz no 16

  14. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    Culture should start with us as individuals not in church let’s no that church is not a place for improving our culture rather a place of worshipping god… A place where his presence reign.. Nobody are there to look at what you are putting on..

  15. it is nice to know that the church observes traditions and cultures

  16. this is indeed a good thing,by this igbo people will know that their culture is alive and still in existance. this will help in motivating students to come out,represent and be proud of their culture

  17. Igbo culture is the best keep it up

  18. Igbo’s should come out from their hiding places and support their culture

  19. Chidume happiness. C.

    I don’t bide the idea of combining Christianity and traditional stuff, people may see it as fun but to me it doesn’t make sense as a true Christian. The church should always teach we the young youth what Christianity is all about, not about Coronation stuff and other things which will not inspired our spiritual lives.

  20. While it is a brilliant way to introduce culture and reinforce cultural values in the church:even if it is a good way to draw multitudes to the house of God, this will give people wrong reasons to attend church. It will make the people go to church for entertainment and will incite those that are power hungry to go to church for positions of power that are available to them. To avoid this ground rules should be laid and a clear cut line drawn between doing God’s work and any other ungodly motive.

  21. That’s interesting though practising ones culture is good but not in that manner@church

  22. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    The inculturation issue is indeed an inspiring and motivating one…l personally don’t go with the idea of combining Christianity and religion,christianity isn’t religion…to be told church also observes culture that shouldn’t be,church should outrightly focused on Church (heavenly)matters……

  23. Agina Gloria Ebele

    The idea of combining culture and religious activities might bring division in the church because most people will forget religion and start practicing their culture and avoid going to church since it is of no need. My advice is the church should give to ceasar what is his and give to God what is his too. They should avoid bringing culture inside the church.



  25. okeke chiamaka gabriella

    This shows that we Christians has not forgotten our culture, we are proud of our culture
    GROUP 15A

  26. It’s a good thing, one expressing culture
    Quiz number:18 Group number:15 A

  27. the innovation is nice. congrats to the new igwe and lolo

  28. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    The idea of bringing our culture into church activities isn’t a bad one tho… But ones culture needs to be mannered while in church… it’s the house of God and it needs to be respected

  29. Omenuko Adaobi promise

    It was so Intresting..keep it up…

  30. nwufo vivian Chidimma

    God, this is good, but we Igbo’s should learn to ” give God what belongs to God and gods what belongs to them” the habit of combining traditional affair with Christianity is bad and should be stopped.

  31. Is an interesting idea,because it helps uplift our faith in christ. …

  32. Is an interesting idea,because it helps uplift our faith in christ. …
    group 14
    no 114

  33. Ebeledike ifunanya love

    The problem is not combining Christianity and tradition(omenala) The problem here is handling it because when we invite the habit of kings and queen making we find out the devil will enter and there will be a great problem of bribery and corruption in choosing them thereby causing more problem to one have already in the church
    so my point here is that if we want to practice Christianity as a doctrine we should but inviting tradition (omenala) to the church is wrong since we have a head already in the church know as the priest we should be satisfied instead of making another head all in the name of an Igwe in a cultural way .let us be mindful of the footsteps of our saviour Jesus Christ during his life spent on earth he had no king but the gospel still prevailed.Thanks

  34. onwusereaka Rejoice kelechi

    funny indeed. what an ironical way to spread the gospel
    quiz no;83
    reg no;2016054018
    group; 5

  35. Its Very okay by me
    I don’t see any problem with the inculturation

    Its shows expression of culture.

  36. Ndife uchechukwu lilian

    as for me is a good thing, because it motivate the youth into Christianity. S11

  37. its a way of promoting culture in the church, but the bible teaches us as Christians to avoid unworthy practice, traditions in the house of God, the temple of God of is meant to be holy and to teach us as chritains to follow the footsteps of Jesus

  38. it is such a wonderful and nice way of spreading the Gospel. quiz no 8 group 11.

  39. Irechukwu Ifeoma P.

    Christianity with culture makes it skilful. S3

  40. Ezenwajiugo Somto Prosper

    our igwe having his wife’s handbag…nice love..”COOU new igwe handles his wife’s hand bag,claims loyalty”

  41. this is supriseing cause we dont expect this from the church we don’t bring tradition to the house of God group 15

  42. the role of this cultural day is to make we the younger generation not to forget our cvlture while in school. group (8) quiz no(68)

  43. this is bring the white man’s culture in line with ours and who says kings and queens can’t be ambassadors for Christ? wonderful innovation.

  44. Ezike Onyeka Emmanuel

    We should not forget the true essence of Christianity ,which is without division and one body in Christ. we should learn how to practice the right Christianity and not what we have today,where there is so much division in the church like the “inculturation”.

    Group 10: Quiz No:86.

  45. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    Combining tradition and Christian I don’t is a good idea. One can’t serve two masters at a time. God says give to Caesar what belongs to caesar Nd to God what belongs to world.

  46. This is indeed a good thing.Although we are Christians we should not forget our culture.But it is nit really a good idea to bring it inside the church because it involves many practices and as the saying goes give to ceasar what belongs to him and to God what belongs to him.All the same we should not forget our culture.

  47. I am highly flabber gasted,indeed they really want to shock people by telling them that christain can also associate with culture too but not everybody believes that because I am only seeing student fellowish and not a church as some thought and that’s why they are showing the acts of student,but anyway they are fine in their attirer but it would have been more preferable if that picture is showing that they are acting a drama relating to cuiture in their fellowish.

  48. this is a good act , it will enable most people to be interested in church.

  49. This is an amazing idea at least it made me understand that royalties are not exempted from doing the work of God.
    Name :Chiekwe Blessing.N.

  50. Congrate to them hope they will focus on their studies after this.


    Igwe and lolo in a church
    I don’t buy the idea oo
    what happen to KNIGHTHOOD??

  52. practicing culture is a good one,especially in a school environment which gives nonindigenes and even the so called indigenes who don’t even knows how to speak,its gives more understanding and insight about culture and can also be use to spread the word of God,is a welcome idea but same time a distraction because most students use it for selfist interest,gissip hatred e t c i pray God gives the lolo and king tge wisdom do carry it goung.group11 quiz number(123)

  53. culture in the church??
    It won’t be accepted by all,it better to practice culture and church separately
    quiz no:94
    group no:6

  54. It is a very good thing
    Their is nothing wrong with what they did in the church
    It is also a way of expressing our culture
    Quiz no: 9
    Group: 15A

  55. wow what a nice way out in bringing this aspect in a Catholic church at least it will help our youth in accepting our cultural way of life so let we as Christian accept our culture the way it is $ be happy with them.

  56. Nice! At least our culture isn’t neglected.. God bless NFCS.

  57. Erokwu crystal chinelo

    It’s applaudable that culture is promoted in the house of God, worshipping him in nativity.
    Group number :15
    Quiz number :20

  58. This shows that despite the coming of Christianity we still have regards for our root… our rich cultural practices

  59. chisom Janefrances

    I think that culture is one of the reasons people don’t know or practice the’s our job as a Christian to make a difference and show them what bible says that Jesus loves.
    for me bringing culture inside church is not a good idea.

  60. it didnt see any thing interest in it but if church stand on it they should use it as a means of draw eople to christ

  61. Indeed what a way of spreading the gospel. I don’t like this idea.

  62. Udogu Ogechi Victory

    What can of nonsense is this. Igwe and lolo for what reason.

  63. the igwe and lolo in a church isn’t all about combining the culture or educating the people on the cultural norms,they may be present there tosupport he church financially.

  64. I didn’t see anything bad in this oooooooooo, culture is not a bad thing,am so impressed about it, NFCS!!!!!!!living the faith


    Christianity and Religion
    Igwe and lolo??
    Why not Prince and Princess or king and Queen.

  66. its a nice way of spreading the gospel of the lord…
    quiz no 95
    group 10
    Obi Chikaodili Augustina

  67. Nnanyelugo karen

    Culture promotion is applaudable… But give what belongs to God to God….if it comes to cultural heritage, we promote our culture when it comes to church we worship and promote the word of God

  68. Dike Miracle Chinelo

    Quiz no S7
    Really serious…
    Dunno what this churches re turning into

  69. Nneka precious udekwe S1

    IT is kul Only if they will preach the gospel with their title

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