Incredible video shows Humen Bridge in China swaying like ocean waves, leading to a closure of the bridge (video)

Humen Bridge in Guangdong, China, has been temporarily closed after it was filmed shaking and swaying like ocean waves.

In a video shared online, the bridge is seen rippling as cars drove by. It looked as though the bridge was a roller coaster or ocean waves.

Officials in the Guangdong province have temporarily closed the wobbly bridge as a safety measure.

Despite the bridge swaying, Chinese press is saying experts have confirmed there’s no damage to the main structure.

People on Twitter who claimed to be on the bridge during the swaying described the experience as “terrifying” and one person said it made them carsick.

Winds in the area at the time were measured around 38 mph, which was described as rare by the press.

Watch the video below.

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