Thursday , May 26 2022

In Case You Missed This! Women Allow Themselves To Be Ferociously Flogged By Indian Priest In Order To Be Free Of “Evil Spirits”

This went viral some days ago. But if you missed it, just grab the gist.

These are shocking pictures of Indian women being whipped by a priest during a bizarre ritual to free them of ‘evil spirits’.

Every year some 2,000 women queue for five hours to be lashed at the ancient Achappan Temple in Trichy, south India.

When their turn comes, they kneel on the ground to be ferociously flogged by a priest.

Many wince and writhe in pain as their family members watch on, hoping they will be cured.

One school girl Vishakha, who was made to sit in the queue by her parents, said:

‘My parents think I’m possessed because I show no interest in my studies.

‘Now my friends will laugh at me when they see the whip marks I’ll get after attending a festival to cure mental disorders,’ cried the young girl.

Please at what point will you allow your spiritual leader to brutally flog you ‘in the name of God?’


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Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.

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  1. this is strange, in this 21st century things like this still happen.

  2. This screams fraud!! but I guess one only engages in what he or she believes in. (70)

  3. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    Issorite continue…

  4. Okeke Chioma onyinye

    Ignorance is a disease
    Quiz no 51

  5. Iweorah Ezinne Esther

    wonders shall never end! quiz no 44

  6. Okeke Chiamaka Gabriella

    People are really crazy. Quiz no. 38

  7. So many people and so many church has really used the name of our God in vain.
    Quiz no. 49

  8. this is not right ,don’t used the name of your God in vain

  9. Nnadozie Chikodiri

    Hmmm speechless (107)

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