In Case You Missed This! See this Japanese Restaurant Where Two Amazing Monkeys Serve As Waiters

This is the exciting story of a Japanese restaurant in the northern part of Tokyo known as Kayabukiya Tavern which has changed the face of its customer service by employing two monkeys to help in serving as waiters.

The two monkeys, Fuku Chan and Yat Chan were trained by the 70-year-old owner of the restaurant, Kaoru Otsuka to serve as waiters in his restaurant.

Both of these animals move quickly between tables to take orders, to give hot towels for cleaning their hands before ordering their drinks.

Surprisingly, both monkeys were certified by the local authorities to work in the restaurant, they work in shifts of up to two hours a day to comply with Japanese animals rights regulations. Above all, customers are happy with the service, they keep saying that these monkeys are more better than real human waiters.



Would you like to see this in Nigeria? Would you like to walk into a restaurant and be served by monkeys?

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The Author

Chinenye Nwabueze

Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.


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  1. God would not allow such a thing in Nigeria. Merely looking them at their faces scarced me a lot

  2. Waiters kwa? Noooo it is not cool at all. They look scary

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