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In Case You Missed This! How a Wedding Swag Went Wrong when Bride and Groom Fell off Back of Luxury Car (WATCH VIDEO)

This happened a couple of months ago but it is fun to watch. At the close of their wedding, bride Hana Haka Noland and her new husband Tyler Noland balanced (or so it seemed) on the back seats of a convertible and waved goodbye to their guests. But as the car pulled away, the newlyweds fell flat out of the car.

Before the vehicle moved, the excited honeymoon bound bride is seen throwing her hands in the air and calling on the driver to move it. “Leggo Dave!” she screamed.

It takes a few moments for the whole thing to register with the guests, who seem to stand among the pair in total disbelief.

The good news is that neither the bride nor groom were hurt and both of them flew away on their honeymoon the next day. They both found the situation, entirely caught on video, absolutely hilarious.




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  1. Ifejika Celestine

    They should be careful please. starting a married life with that incident is a bad omen
    couple take note.

    quiz no:111

  2. people should not go crazy in the name of having fun 2016054136 quize no 70

  3. Maduka Ebere Constance 2016054136 quuze no 125

  4. people shouldn’t paly with things that can endanger their llives Obi Ogechi Emmanuella quize no 126 reg 2016054119

  5. playing with your life just to be Romantic is not normal..
    quiz no 38

  6. Agina Gloria Ebele

    Thank God they didn’t sustain any injury,but let them be careful the kind of things they play with. Quiz no 74 .

  7. Life is important

    They really need to be careful

    Quiz no : 39

  8. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    Lol this one off me…no doubt this is so hilarious and we need to laugh and get tired lol… Thank God nothing happened to the both of them…

    Quiz no 54

  9. this is very funny to me because ,how on earth did they think that place they are sitting is a cushion. ….may God save all this modern world youth’s mentality
    quiz no:117

  10. Okeke Chiamaka Gabriella

    Thank God for keeping them safe else we would have been counting loss of teeth on the ground lol

    Quiz no 55

  11. ezeh vivian chinaecherem

    its funny anyway they should be careful next time!
    quiz no:17

  12. next time they need to be careful ,its funny though

    quiz no.83

  13. Maybe that’s a romantic fall, guess is part of the excitement but we should be careful to the little things that matters; endangering our life in the name of fun

  14. funny indeed,we should be careful while celebrating before Happiness Will turn to sorrow.

    quiz No 106 (Feature story)

  15. They found it hilarious? I believe it’s because they are still alive. Well they should be very careful.
    Quiz no:57

  16. Over here in Nigeria, it will be considered a bad sign or bad omen. Lol.
    Quiz number:56

  17. Please they should handle their lives with care… I can’t shout

    Quiz no 115

  18. Very hilarious
    Quiz no 53

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