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In Case You Missed This! Father Takes Critically ill Daughter to Grave Everyday so She Gets Used to it When The Time Comes

Pic shows: The father with his daughter in the grave

This story was reported some months ago but it is still as emotional as ever. If you missed it then, read it now.

A desperate father has dug a grave for his critically ill daughter and takes her there everyday so she can get used to it for when the time comes.

Zhang Liyong, a farmer from the Sichuan province in China, spent all his savings on treatment for his two-year-old daughter, who was born with a serious blood disorder.

But despite doctors efforts, her family have been told she won’t have a long life.

Her father has since been bringing the toddler, named Zhang Ixinlei, to play and rest at the grave to get her ‘familiarised with her future burial space’.

Zhang Xinlei was diagnosed with congenital Thalassemias when she was just two months old, and her mum and dad have been fighting to treat her ever since, spending £16,114 on medical care.

Mr Liyong, who works in a factory with his wife Deng Min, earns just £287 a month, and can’t afford to pay the mounting medical bills.

Pic shows: The father with his daughter in the grave

He said: ‘We borrowed money from many, but they are no longer willing to lend us more’.

After doctors told them that their blood was not a match with young Xinlei, they decided to have a second child – due next month.

But even if their second baby’s blood could save Xinlei, the costs of such a transplant would be too much for them to afford.

So Mr Liyong decided to dig the grave on their farm in preparation to bury his little girl, and the desperate behaviour has since touched members of the public across the country.

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  1. moses Sunday ogbu

    the man did this out of Frustration, because its not easy for person to spent all his income on a child, and after all the child didn’t resilient from the sicknesses….. may God help man.

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