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Imagine! Woman Uses Large Billboard to Contact Man Who Got Her Pregnant Then Blocked Her on Facebook

A woman from San Luis Potosí, Mexico came up with an ingenious way of notifying the man who allegedly got her pregnant and then cut off all contact, even blocking her on Facebook, that her pregnancy test came out positive.

Photos of a bizarre advertising billboard on top of a building between Mariano Jiménez Street and Salvador Nava Avenue, in San Luis Polosi, have been doing the rounds on social media over the last couple of weeks. It features the photo of a man in a cowboy hat, along with his full name and a very personal message from the woman who rented it – she’s pregnant and this was apparently the only way to let him know, as he had blocked both her phone number and her Facebook account.

The large billboard reads: “Wanted! Carlos Orozco, the pregnancy test came out positive, I am pregnant”. She then mentions that “he blocked me on Facebook, and won’t take my calls”, and signs off with “Your friend (as you used to introduce me)”.

The billboard went viral on social media a couple of weeks ago, getting shared thousands of times on both Facebook and Twitter, and getting coverage on various Latino news sites. Most people found the billboard hilarious, but not everyone is laughing.

Lawyer Juan Jesús Lozano told local media that “some citizens consider the city one big Facebook wall, but it’s not, because in the real world these things have consequences”.

Maria Sanjuana Balderas Andrade, president of the Commission of Commerce, Advertising and Events of the San Luis Potosí City Council, also said that it is “regrettable” that billboards are being used to publicly denounce people.

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It’s not clear if the stunt was successful and the anonymous woman was finally able to get in touch with Carlos Orozco, but it was a nice try.

via Telemundo

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  1. Simon Chiamaka P

    Lol since he refused to accept his responsibility, she decided to do it the other way

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    Men can be wicked atimes imagine You got a woman pregnant and ran away. Anyway I Love the woman courage it was a nice try.

  4. Iloegbunem Emily Ebele

    Nice one!! This will surely get his ATTENTION!!

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    team dum dum

  6. Lol what a courage but the guy should man up to his responsibility.

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