Monday , December 4 2023

Imagine! Woman Steals Own Bride Price

A woman has unfortunately aborted her upcoming wedding after stealing her bride price form her fiancé’s house.

The woman, 25-year-old Paidmoyo Gambiza, has been arrested for allegedly conniving with her boyfriend’s daughter to steal about $1 780, which her boyfriend intended to use to pay her bride price.

Paidmoyo Gambiza (25), who lives at house number 2199, Ascot Infill, Gweru, Zimbabwe, and the girl appeared before Gweru magistrate Ms Vimbai Makora, facing charges of unlawful entry and theft.

They both pleaded not guilty to the offence. Ms Makora set April 9 as the date for trial continuation.

The court heard that on March 3, 2018, Gambiza and the girl hatched a plan to steal from her boyfriend’s house in Mkoba Village 16. They proceeded to the targeted property knowing fully well that the complainant, only identified as Chikara, was away. They subsequently used a wire to break into his home through the window and stole $1 780.

The duo then proceeded to pay Chikara’s fellow tenants $2 as hush money.

When Chikara returned from his rural home, where he had visited to tell his relatives about his planned nuptials with Gambiza, his neighbour, Ms Faith Mayolu, spilled the beans.

The story remains shocking and unbelievable to Chikara.

The Herald


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  1. Anikor Victoria

    This is unbelievable! how can a woman steal the money that is meant for her bride price, what was she even thinking na wa ooo

  2. den let her go and marry her self. she’s stealing from herself naah

  3. Hahahaha, her village people is dancing on her head

  4. Maybe she doesn’t want to marry the man

  5. Uzor Cecilia Ifunanya

    hahahahahahah…onye meka iha, ome onwe ya… see bad luck,devil don fry beans for this person head..

  6. I think she is not in love with the man,hmmmmmm what a world.

  7. unimaginable! wat is this world turning into..

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