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Imagine! Armed Robber Apprehended While Playing Keyboard in Church [PHOTOS]

A 23-year-old boy who gave his name as Emmanuel Ndidi has been arrested in Agbor, Delta state by members of a security outfit called Agbor Gha Ihun, while displaying skills on a keyboard in one of the new generation churches in Agbor, a few hours after he led a two-man gang to unleash terror at the Sunny Ojougboh area in Agbor.

PoliticsNGR reports that Emma, a native of Ohunmere, who was arrested on Saturday, September16 said he is a Ghana returnee and was a bus driver in Ghana. He confessed that he delved into robbery so as to earn a daily living. On why he did not go back to the driving profession, he said that it was the devil that made him not to venture into any meaningful business except crime.

He appealed that he should be pardoned as he will not steal again. He further confessed that one, Chuks Okpehoro, was his accomplice in the operation were about four handsets and other items were forcefully collected from their victims.

On his part, Chuks Okpehoro,23, also an indigene of Ohunmere and a school dropout, said that Emmanuel invited him to be part of the operation which according to him they carried out along Sunny Ojougboh area. He confessed that he has been into crime, but he will turn a new leaf if he is freed.

Meanwhile, the Chairman, Agbor Gha Ihun, Comrade Fidelis Omoile and his Deputy, Comrade Monday Kiyem, also known as Maduma, have in separate interviews appreciated members of the public for their support, appealing that they should continue to partner with them particularly in the area of information about criminal hideouts.

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Mr. Kiyem told newsmen that Emmanuel was apprehended in a church in Ime-Obi while playing a keyboard, disclosing that the suspect and a member of his gang carried out the operation at Sunny Ojougboh around 8 pm on Saturday and without remorse, he(Emma) went for night vigil service same night.

He called on youths resident in Ika South to stay away from crime and violence.



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  1. Upon reading this, my mind flew back to our dear school, COOU, and all the crimes of similar nature being perpetrated there came to bare.

    These guys were accused of robbing people of handsets and other valuables at night, and consequently, paraded by the vigilante group and it is almost certain that they will not spend less than 6months in prison, each.

    But in our dear school, the rate at which some daredevil students rob other students of their belongings on the streets in broad daylight, making use of various weapons which inter alia, includes guns, knives, clubs, bottles and most times very rough manhandling are 100 times more horrendous than what is up there but unfortunately, these students go scot-free to enjoy their ‘bounty’ and therefore, gain more impetus to continue their dastardly acts.

    This special kind of school robbery have been branded and deodorised with various names like ‘running street’, ‘obtaining’, ‘basing’, ‘observing men’ and a host of others.

    The school’s anti-crime unit has since stopped functioning effectively and have even started aiding the advancement of these evils that have seem to find a comfortable resting place on the streets of our various lodges and even inside these lodges. I say this because most times, when they are called to investigate situations like robbery or burglary of a students’ apartment, they will ab initio, request for a certain amount of money or other ‘favours’ from the victim, thereby putting such person in a dilemma. It’s very bad.

    These acts are, no doubt, being perpetrated by members of the various cult groups in our school who feel so confident when doing these things for they know that there aren’t any effective sanctions that could affect them adversely, when caught. COOU doesn’t expel indicted cultists even when found guilty of other crimes in conjunction with it. Just before the school vacated last semester, 2 cultists were found with guns in the school premises during one of the cult clashes and they were apprehended by the anti-cult ‘brigade’ but, to my greatest surprise, I later saw them engaging in a ribald carousal during the departmental night of one of them. I was shocked with maniacal bewilderment.

    Something should be done about this very high rate of robbery in our school and it should be done fast or else students will have no choice than to take laws into their hands.
    I’ve been a victim of armed robbery by students more than once.

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