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Imagine! 12-Year-Old Australian Boy Fights with His Mother, Steals Her Credit Cards and Flies to Bali for 4-Day Vacation

This is the unbelievable story of a 12-year-old boy who quarrelled with his mum and flew to Bali to catch fun for 4 days without interruption. There are stories of 12-year-olds who get into arguments with their parents all the time, but most of them just storm off to their room to cool off. Not Drew (made-up name), a boy from Sydney, Australia, who, after a fight with his mother, stole her credit card, got on a plane and flew to the island of Bali for an unforgettable 4-day vacation.

Drew’s name may be fake for privacy reasons, but his incredible story is not. After a quarrel with his mother, Emma, the 12-year-old boy decided it was time to do something drastic, and a vacation to the family’s favorite holiday destination, Bali, seemed like just what the doctor ordered. Only this time, he would go all by himself and experience the freedom of being alone in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, at his parents’ expense. For that, he needed his mother’s credit cards and a way to board a plane without having to answer too many questions. Sounds like a tall order, but this kid had it all figured out.

Coming up with a plan to fly off to Bali doesn’t sound like something your average 12-year-old could pull off, but then again, Drew doesn’t sound like an average 12-year-old. Using his smartphone to do some research, this clever little boy figured out that he didn’t need to be accompanied by an adult to board an aeroplane to Bali. Several Australian airlines only required a signed letter from his parents, a valid passport and his student ID. So he somehow tricked his grandmother into giving him his passport, and after borrowing the family credit cards, he grabbed his backpack and told everyone he was going to school.

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Only he took a train to the airport instead, where he had already booked a flight to Perth. From there he would get on another plane to Denpasar, Bali. He had already booked a hotel there as well, so as long as he could get to his tropical destination, he was in for some fun and relaxation.

A 12-year-old travelling to Bali all by himself was bound to draw some attention, so to ensure his plan wouldn’t get thwarted, Drew made sure to interact with as little airport staff as possible. He avoided check-in counters by booking himself in via the self-serve option, and since he only had a hand luggage, he headed straight for the boarding gates.

Interestingly, Drew claims that in Australia, no one asked him anything about why he was unattended, or where his parents were, even after learning he was only 12. The first time anyone asked him if he was alone was in Bali. An immigration officer asked him where his mom was, and he just said she was outside. That was that.

For the next four days, Drew partied like most 12-year-olds can only dream. He stayed in a nice hotel, got people to serve him beer – he hated it – and even rented a motorcycle, even though he didn’t have a license. He was living the dream and spending thousands of dollars of his parents’ money in the process.

Back home, Drew’s parents had obviously realized that he wasn’t in school and had reported him missing. They were worried sick, and police had no leads, but the boy ended up giving up his location by sharing some photos and videos of his Bali exploits on social media, which allowed authorities to track him down.

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Emma and her husband rushed to Bali to recover their missing son. Ironically, they were stopped in Perth by the same company that Drew had used to fly to the tropical island, and told they couldn’t go because they didn’t have a return ticket. You can only imagine the outrage the two parents felt knowing that the same airline had allowed their son to fly out of the country without as much as a question. But they signed a waiver and went to get Drew.

The 12-year-old is now safely back at home. He says he feels a bit embarrassed by all the commotion he’s caused, not to mention spending AUD$8,000 ($6,115) of his parents money in the process.

“I wanted to go on an adventure,” he reportedly said.

Drew’s unbelievable adventure was featured today on 9News’ A Current Affair.


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  1. Thank God its in Australia….. try it in Nigeria whether u no go die before you come back……

  2. Nwabugwu Sandra ijeoma

    All this mummy’s boy self…u can’t try this in Nigeria na…2015054104

  3. What is this world turning into…smh

  4. The boy should be seriously dealt with, who knows what will happen next

  5. Kids of this days, he should be punished

  6. Emenanjo onyinyechi. m

    I think is the hand parents give him because such can not just come to his mind going on vacation without the company of anyone.


  7. this is simply environmental influence. it can’t happen in Nigeria

    Name :Ekulide Tochukwu Favour
    Reg no:2015054034

  8. hmmmm he is lucky he is a white boy for heaven sake you wont try these in nigeria….is either you die or i die..

  9. nwangene onyema c

    this kid should be seriously punished for this he did nt only risk his life by travelling alone, he misused his mom money n made his parents to worry much

  10. This one weak me o?
    Internet has it’s advantages and disadvantages. This right here is one of the disadvantages cos if the kid didn’t google on what he could do to escape his parents drama he wouldn’t have tried such. Try this one in Naija! I trust African parents. They’ll exchange you for a recharge card???
    Nwosu Leona Uchechi

  11. Obiechina Ifunanya Vivian

    Obiechina Ifunanya Vivian, 2016054028/DE

    That is what you get when you overpamper your child… The bible said, “train up a child in the right way and he/she will never depart from it when he/she grows up”.

  12. this is mostly caused by upbringing, he should be well disciplined for that.

  13. Nawaoo… children of this nowadays

  14. Can u imagine..flies to where shebi he go still come back
    umeobi Juliet

  15. that is the hand his parents give him, you can’t try this rubbish in Nigeria because your parents will kill you.
    Name: Ojukwu ujunwa Francisca.

  16. What a heartless son

  17. Chukwuka Chinaza j.

    He is a very stupid boy

  18. He is a prodigal

  19. Okonkwo Rosemary C.

    The world is coming to an end

  20. Egbulem Assumpta U

    What is this world really turning into?
    We really needs God’s intervention.

  21. Ejiofor Kingsley

    Hiaaaaa. Wonders ooo. shaa it’s in Australia. Try it in Nigeria nd i will hv ntn to tell u.

  22. Obika Happiness. c.

    why won’t the boy act that way when white people give their children total freedom that makes them act the way they like. make I hear say Nigerian pikin can try this rubbish.
    Obika Happiness.c. 2015054008

  23. This is serious. A child fight with his mother,steal and run away.He is lucky its not Nigeria

  24. martinezeiru Mmesoma mirian

    Children of nowadays self…..he should be dealt with

  25. Anwuka chetachi assumpta

    All this mummy’s pet self. Try this to Africa mother and you will know why they are called Africa Mother.
    Anwuka chetachi assumpta

  26. umeh blessing chinelo

    children of now our days

  27. Do am for my house nah

  28. They should arrest the boy and deal with him mercilessly.

  29. The family should take him home, lock him in a room and flog the hell out of him

  30. Anowi Onyinye Jane

    The boy need to be punished what kind of wickedness is this.

  31. okeke ifunanya favour

    May God help us because I don’t even know what is wrong with children of now at days…

  32. Make him try am for Nigeria parent

  33. Nnopu blessing ogoo

    children of nowadays

    Ike chika Miriam

  34. Martinezeiru mmesoma mirian

    Children of nowadays self…the boy should be dealt with.

  35. Chukwukadibia Adaobi

    This is the result you get when you over pamper a child . 2015054029

  36. Nnadozie Chikodiri

    Hmmmm children of nawa days mtcheww

  37. Mordi Antoinette

    Nawao,I trust Nigerian moms shaa,you can’t try that

  38. Ezeonyejiaku Olivia.C

    You so luck your not an Igbo Nigerian Child, you would have been placed in your proper placed ni, where to quarrel with your mom go dey fear you ni

  39. Ezeonyejiaku Olivia.C

    You so lucky your not an Igbo Nigerian Child, you would have been placed in your proper placed ni, where to quarrel with your mom go dey fear you ni

  40. Lack of parental upbringing

    Ihejirika Mmesoma


  41. Irechukwu ifeoma

    Interesting, anyway that is in Australia such can’t happen in Africa

    Irechukwu ifeoma p 2015054042

  42. Chukwurah Uzoamaka

    Don’t know what children of this days are really turning into

  43. Hmmmm children of this days mtcheew only God will have mercy

  44. Chaiiiiii….. Brother try am for Nigeria Na….. U go collect full time…. Nonsense. Yeye dey smell.

  45. What a life!
    What a child!
    This Child deserves an African parent..

  46. 2015054018
    chai. what a prodigal son

  47. Try this one for Nigeria you go die before you reach where you dey go….this boy get luck say no be Naija him dey

  48. Okafor Chidinma Comfort

    Come rain, come shine African culture is still the best at least in children upbringing.

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