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If You Live in ‘Malaria Lodge’ this Message is for You

Government Bans Chloroquine, Artemisinin monotherapy for treatment of malaria

A number of students stay in what is known as ‘Malaria Lodges’ which refers to lodges located in mosquito-infested areas where people are always sick because of malaria. In fact, in such lodges malaria symptoms are part of the human system. Every time you dey get headache or you are feeling feverish. In such lodges the environment is always bushy and the drainage system is an eyesore, a dwelling place for mosquitoes. Some people even share house rent with their house mates (mosquitoes).

Well for your information the federal government has banned the use of Chloroquine and Artemisinin monotherapy for treatment of malaria. Monotherapy means the use of only one drug for treatment of medical disorder. The practice today is the use of combination therapy to treat malaria. So those students who walk into Chemists (local drug store) next door and pocket any kind of malaria drug please we need to exercise caution these days. The emphasis today is on malaria prevention so please do something about the dirty environment to keep malaria far away from you.

Tuesday was World Malaria Day and that was when the Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole, made this announcement. According to him, “Tell yourself, ‘I must not prescribe chloroquine. I must not prescribe monotherapy for artemisinin when what we should prescribe is a combination therapy.”

Meanwhile which lodges do you think are used to malaria so we can target this message directly to them? Let us know.

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  1. chikaogwu Chioma

    Is true that chloroquine heals malaria buh it’s itchy and sometimes not good for some people’s body system… there are better drugs like lonart,givther etc… so government made a wise decision this time

  2. Anene Emmanuel Ejiofor

    Ukwulu is highly infected with mosquito the last time I slept there I nearly got myself in coma

  3. ojimba ogochukwu o.

    Chiaa Achala is outrageously infected… Even in broad day light those mosquitoes still combat with occupants

  4. Government Bans Chloroquine…Does it mean that Government have nothing to do?… Yes Chloroquine is not good for some people but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t heal a millions of people. that’s the reason why we need to know what our body condition is and try to prevent certain drugs that will put our body unrest…Very strange…

  5. nwangene. onyema

    we should all try n keep our environment clean in other to keep our self free from malaria

  6. Prevention is better than cure.

  7. achalla is highly inflicted with mosquitoes

  8. I will suggest all lodges get this information because students this days due to laziness keep their surroundings very dirty (1)

  9. Okonkwo chukwu nonso (Q3) 2016045090

    Chloroquine heal malaria but the problem with the drug it itching too much in the body, i like goverment idea for the combination of both malaria drug and people should learn how to stay free for malaria in the society. 201654090 (Q2)

  10. I think it’s best the prevent staying in that kind of area’s to prevent being sick at all, prevention is better than cure
    Quiz number :18
    Reg number :2016054049
    Group number :15 A

  11. Okeke Chiamaka Gabriella Number:21

    students should keep their surroundings clean, cut bushes to avoid Mosquito…. when your surrounding is dirty it brings Mosquito and through Mosquito it Wil lead to Mosquito bit and then causes malaria

  12. Amazing information concerning the drugs to be avoided, It would be better if all the lodges are reached,and students should also be advised to keep their environment clean.
    Group: 15
    Quiz Number: 20

  13. Chidozie Chiazokam Jennifer

    everybody should keep their environment clean and learn how to use insecticide and mosquito net to prevent it.
    group no:15A
    quiz no:31

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