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If You Have Used Your Toothbrush For More Than 3 Months, You Should Read This! Wahala Dey oo!

Yes, you might be saying there’s no money to replace my toothbrush after three or four months as recommended by dental experts. Or you might feel the toothbrush is still okay; Why not manage it for a few more months? Some people might even forget completely that there is need to replace toothbrush. They only buy a new one when the old one either breaks or falls into a place it cannot be retrieved and washed. Well, if you’ve not replaced your toothbrush in three months, see the damage you have been doing to your teeth.

First of all, understand that the main reason for replacing your toothbrush is to make it more effective. If you think your toothbrush is not worn out, then you can use it for a little longer than 3 months. The three month recommendation is for those who use a toothbrush twice a day, for two minutes each time. For someone who brushes too hard you may need to replace your toothbrush sooner. If you brush too lightly your brush may last longer however, but then you may not be getting your teeth as clean.

If you use your toothbrush for more than three months or at most, four months, you might be reintroducing old bacteria into your mouth, or perhaps, you’ve been gradually yellowing your pearly whites all this time with a toothbrush that has weak bristles without knowing it.

Not changing your toothbrush after three months could lead to periodontal disease and tooth loss, due to a major buildup of plaque. This is based on the fact that over time, the firm bristles become weak and incapable of doing the job of clearing the areas between the teeth and the plaque resting on each tooth’s surface. The plaque causes cavities; and when not removed from around the gum line, it can also lead to inflammation and irritation that make way for gingivitis or gum disease. Of course, gingivitis can progress to periodontal disease and, possibly, tooth loss, if not addressed early. So long use of toothbrush is trouble for oral hygiene. Yet this is a common habit among many people who feel a toothbrush is still good for as long as you can find a spot to place the paste.

You might even need to replace your toothbrush earlier than three months. This is what Brandon Cooley says about that:

“An old toothbrush has frayed and worn bristles and they won’t clean as well. If they don’t do their job properly, you run the danger of food particles staying between your teeth that can cause cavity-causing bacteria to grow.
If you have been ill, your toothbrush can harbor bacteria that can cause you to become reinfected. In this case, you should change your toothbrush as soon as you are well to avoid this potential problem.”

People take their toothbrush for granted thinking that toothbrush companies are the ones recommending frequent replacement of toothbrush because they want to make more money. Well, truth remains that like every other thing, toothbrush has a life span. Not replacing it every three or four months is not good for oral health.


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  1. I have heard about the need for replacing tooth brush every three months but I thought they are all stories. So I felt that my toothbrush Was sent to me from abroad and that I can use it as much long as I want,now I know I am changing it oo.


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