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I was never married, I’ve never had a baby mama…. Ugo Spunky

Ugo Spunky popularly known as Buchiano as long as Nollywood is concerned, took us on a journey ride on his life and career so far. The young talent who has carved a niche for himself in the industry cleared a lot of things in this chat he had with Jennifer Mukosolu Nzom.

Let’s meet you
My name is ugo spunky obioha .and I’m from imo state ,orlu precisely . I had my primary and secondary education in Lagos and proceeded to federal university of technology owerri where I studied industrial mathematics . I’ve also acquired my masters degree.

Married or single?
I’m single

Aah…but there is this viral photo of you online that claims to be your immediate family?
Well on that, the picture was taken on a movie location somewhere in owerri ,when my sister came into town and I haven’t seen her for some months due to my busy schedule ,so it was the perfect opportunity and she came with her daughter. And we took a picture at the end of the day.

But it was believed that the girl is your daughter from a baby mama… Clear us well on that?
No! My dear, honestly there was nothing like that.

This is strange, so you were never married nor ever had a baby?
Not at all my dear… I’ve not. Abeg my people am innocent oooh (laughs).

What makes Ugo different from the one we all know?
Well ugo is just like every other human ,who goes about his daily activities. I’m a simple and down to earth kind of guy. Welcoming and easy to relate with.

The name “spunky” what’s the origin?
Well the name SPUNKY has been an inspirational name for me. It actually means one that is courageous and determined. It also means an attractive person. I adopted it in 2003.

When did you enter the industry?
Acting has always been a part of me. It’s my passion . I started way back from church drama. I went to film academy in Lagos in 2007 but I proceeded to university afterwards .I wasn’t steady then due to school but professionally I started in 2014.

Recently we noticed you have been working tirelessly, do you mind sharing some of your new jobs with us?
Yes… Why not (thinks) eehhmm .They are Clash on millionaire ladies, Daughter of an enemy, Old wound, Holy assassins, When God says yes, The burden, Waves of identity, Against my blood. They are much my dear..these are the ones I can remember for now.

Which movie brought you to limelight?
A couple of them I must say but I think “Better tomorrow” did great work mostly. I played the character ‘Buchiano’.

Is there any actor you have always wished to be cast along with that you haven’t been cast together?
Yes actually Majid Michael, he’s a bunch of talent and a mentor.

Please be honest with me, do you get emotionally attached to someone when cast for a romantic role?
Well filming is a serious business. I try to be a professional on set but truthfully I once rejected playing a romantic character with a particular actress because I wasn’t comfortable with her.

Permit me to ask why?
(Laughs) My dear, it’s not really something I want to talk about, believe me.

I insist please…
Well, the truth is, she was very neat (laughs)

Of all the places you have been, where will you wish you never went?
Fela Shrine

I lost my phone and wallet there, the security wasn’t tight. When I went there, most people there, their looks was like they want to obtain you right away. It wasn’t funny anyway.

Please! please!! Another crazy question…what’s your most embarrassing moment?
My most embarrassing moment was when I was invited to a courtsey visit. While I was there, someone came and told me that my pant trouser was torn and I didn’t realise. It was then I made some moves to cover it (laughs).

A word for your fans?
I just want to thank you guys for watching and believing in me. My best is yet to come. God bless you all.

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