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“I Used To Be A Boxer Until A Delta Boy Gave Me An Unforgettable Beating” – Mr Ibu

Popular Nollywood comic actor, John Okafor, a.k.a Mr. Ibu revealed he used to be a boxer before he joined acting and has given a hilarious reason behind him quitting the ring for acting.

In an interview with PUNCH, the Nollywood star disclosed that he quit boxing after a Delta boy battered his face in a championship fight.

In his words, “I would have been a boxer. I used to be a boxer. I was doing well until I went for a championship in Delta State. The boy I fought with was an idiot; he gave me a beating I would never forget. That boy changed my face and made me hate anything that had to do with gloves.”

“After the fight, I looked in the mirror and I could not even recognize myself. I could see with only one eye for sometime due to the punches he dealt me. That was the incident that made me quit boxing.”

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  1. Omenuko Adaobi Promise

    Lol.. You ended up being a good actor

  2. lol I can’t laugh o hmm very nice & good of u quitting at least you being an actor is really nice & better than the boxing aspect
    Group E

  3. Wow!!!!

    Never knew he was into boxing

    Group G

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